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YouTube Traffic

Welcome to the yet another traffic generation tutorial. Today we will discuss “How to get YouTube traffic”. In case you will build a bridge between your site and a YouTube, then for sure, your website or blog will get rich YouTube traffic. Now the question is how making it happen? In this YouTube traffic tutorial, you will learn the importance of YouTube and its traffic.

It is a worldwide fact, that YouTube is the most popular video site. You can upload and share your videos to the viewer across the countries. Countless visitors visit YouTube to just watch the missed episode of serials, movies and to upload their funny moments to get acknowledged. Anyone can watch, like or comment on the video they watched.

For a blogger it is a jackpot to hit, if you have got lucky will get life pleasing gift in terms of the YouTube traffic and acknowledgement via comments or likes.

YouTube Traffic – Basics

It is just like a blog, to create a blog there are many things that you must have considered and executed as well. Like on-page SEO, off-page SEO and local SEO. If you want to get YouTube traffic, then you need to handle the initial phases very well, like:

  • Quality of video.
  • Quality of the audio.
  • Unique content.

If you will miss any of the above things, it will affect the quantity of the YouTube traffic. Nobody will prefer the low quality content, and copied content that they have already seen.

YouTube Traffic – Advance

Now you have created the unique and high quality video. It doesn’t mean that you will get the unlimited YouTube traffic. Because, there is a huge list of unsuccessful blog, even though they have got the quality content. The list of successful blogs is very few, but they are firm still to motivate others. Now the things that you need to focus are:

  • Viral content – You will see many videos on YouTube that will force you to see, like controversial videos. Same way if your website is about Html, then instead of writing tutorials for the topics, try to work on the unique web template development in 1 hour or so. If you are good in animation or can afford the funny animation, then good for you to get huge YouTube traffic.
  • Keyword rich video tags – Use the variation of keywords in the tags. For example, if your video is about ‘pen’, then you can use your keywords with a variety of words. Like, black pen, red pen, branded pen and etc. It will help you to be getting noticed, even if the people are not looking for pen only.
  • Video Descriptions – Try to put relevant descriptions for your video. Because spiders have no time to watch your video. They will go through the description part, and if it is relevant, then your video will be shown in the result.
  • Playlist – If your channel has the organized list of items, then for sure it will help your viewer to navigate much easily. Note: Try to put keywords based playlist titles. It will not only motivate users, but also YouTube to find your content with ease.
  • Generate Pulse – Creating a single or two videos will not help you at all. For example, if your video is about website creation, and you will describe everything in one go, then for sure you will not get repetitive users for the same content. In case you will create the series of video for the same topic, then it will ignite the pulse of the readers.
  • Website Promotion – In your video, you can mention the website at the top left or bottom portion. It will give your reader an idea about your website as well. If your reader will find your content that much interesting, then for sure they will visit your website.
  • Motivate Readers to subscribe – You can let your users to subscribe to a particular video. It will help you in two ways. First, you will get a subscribed reader and second that YouTube will count it as a trust point. As many subscribers you will get, you will get closer to YouTube.

YouTube Traffic – Tips to Remember

Now we will see the simple tips that will motivate you to work hard for your YouTube traffic.

  • Save your time – If you are creating a video, then just practice it first to get perfection. It will save your time for re-recording and editing.
  • Response – If someone will comment or asking for suggestions, then do respond quickly. It will generate comfort zone for your viewers.
  • Targeted traffic – Never target wide audience, work for relevant audience. For example, if your website is all about Web development, and you are creating video for recipes and all. You can imagine it will irritate your viewers.
  • Check uploads – Always check your uploaded content for the correct working.
  • Control comments – You can approve and delete the comments as per your interest.


We have just covered YouTube traffic, and it’s importance. Now we will hope, you will not forget to consider the above points. Because YouTube will help you to improve the traffic for your website/blog.