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YouTube Earning

Welcome to the money making tutorials, we have already covered how making money with a website or without a website. Today we will cover yet another exciting and friendly topic on YouTube earning. In this article we will see the magic of YouTube earning, and how you can earn from YouTube as well. One more thing to notice is, YouTube earning is not like a lottery or lucky draw kind of activities. If you think you can make huge money in short time, then check your status. But, If you could show your talent, and quality, then you can come as a winner. Let’s highlight the points first, that we will cover in this article:

  • What is YouTube earning?
  • Working method to earn from YouTube.
  • Tools required starting YouTube earning.
  • How to improve YouTube earning.

Now, we will cover above said topics to conquer our support towards YouTube earning.

What is YouTube earning?

It is a very simple question to answer. Like any job or business, you can make money on YouTube. Your hard work or smart work will be rewarded with the money. YouTube earning is a slow process of getting money, which is all dependent on your content and viewers.

We will understand the YouTube earning variations with examples:

Example 1 – Good Content

Let’s say for example, you have created a video of Html tutorial lecture, but it is not a unique thing that users will see on YouTube. Because of this, your content will join the queue of many Html tutorials that are waiting to be seen by the user. If you had optimized your content well, then probably you will see decent traffic.

Example 2 – Unique Content

Let’s say for example, your content is unique, then you will get quality hit by visitors. If you have optimized your content as well, then this formula will let you get some quick money.

Note: The unique content has to be interesting as well, else very easily you will lose your temper.

Example 3 – Viral Content

Yes, this formula will give you quick money or in fact, enough money to fulfill some of your short term goals as well. Like buying a bike, car or investing in some long term goal. Viral content can be made in the form of animation, funny videos, or interesting high quality videos that people will like or ask others to watch it.

If you will get one, then trust me it will make you earn more from YouTube. But you must be thinking, how a viral or any video will let you earn money? No worries, we will discuss its working method to clear your doubts.

YouTube Earning – Working Methods

Now let’s understand how your viral or any video will let you earn some money. We will understand it in a series of steps.

  • Create Account – You need to have a Gmail account, because one account is sufficient for every Google logins. For examples, you can use the same email id for Gmail, Google+, Google keyword planner, and YouTube as well. If you have one, then skip this step or just create one login account.
  • Create Channel – Just create a friendly introduction about the channel, try to add some relevant keywords that will help people to reach your channel. The channel will help you to be identified as a unique information provider.
  • Content – Once you have created a channel and named it friendly and easy to remember name. Now your next step is to add quality content with uniqueness. Try to work on the quality, so that it will appeal people to hit. Just remember, uploading a content just once will not help you at all. Give your viewers more beneficial and entertaining item on the regular basis.
  • Viewers – Now it’s time to lure an audience, always try to raise the pulse of your audience by creating a series of videos. In this way you will not lose your existing audience quite easily. Just let them feel that they are special for you by replying comments.
  • Monetize your content – You can turn on monetization tab. First, create some quality content, and then enable the monetize tab.
  • YouTube partner – You can become a YouTube Partner that will give you extra benefits as well, but the only problem is you need to pass their criteria of 15000 cumulative watch hours for your channel. Till the time you can’t think of becoming a YouTube partner.
  • Promote Videos – Promote your video as much as you can, because it will give you organic traffic. You can promote your videos on best social networking sites, and can expect traffic from those sites. Like, if you will promote your video on the Facebook, then you can expect Facebook traffic.
  • Keep Track – Just try to spy your successful videos, so that you can implement the same tactics for other videos. In fact, you can see your YouTube earning, traffic and other things in the analytics section of the YouTube.

Note: You can monetize your videos via Google Adsense as well.

YouTube Earning – Tools required

Let’s keep it short and simple. You tell me which video you would like to see as viewers?

Example 1– Low Quality

One has uploaded a video with many dents on videos:

  • Low quality visual
  • Low quality audios
  • Video with no motive.

Example 2 – High Quality

One has uploaded a video with many concerns:

  • Maintained the best visual quality.
  • Have high quality audios.
  • Video made with motives.

One can easily say the example 2 is the best for their viewing. Same you have to apply, just use the best software for:

  • Quality Audio creation.
  • Quality Video creation.
  • Merging or editing videos to give it final look.

Once you are done with the video creation, then just focus on the tools that are available for channels.

  • Video Manager – You can manage videos, and create playlists as well.
  • Community – You can handle messages, and subscribers here.
  • Analytics – Like your blogs, you can view your videos reporting on YouTube.
  • Create – you can use it to edit the videos.

Improve YouTube Earnings

Again, it is very simple task to follow. You can say it is known to many, but was not followed by them. Just remember a few points and you are done:

  • Target audience – Either do some research, what kind of content has been appreciated by the viewers or if you are linking it to your blog, then make sure you will target the relevant audience.
  • Viral name – Make sure your user name is easy to remember for the viewers. For example, if your user name is sharp32_lesson547, then do you think your visitors will have that much sharp memory to remember you by your user name? Instead, you can put a simple name like: sharp lesson.
  • Optimize your content – Try to put keywords in the relevant areas. In case you are not familiar of SEO, then you can try our tutorials on SEO.
  • Uploads – Try to be active on YouTube, because even you will not like seeing the same movie again and again. Same thing you can expect from your readers as well. Upload new videos, or create series to make your audience more impulsive.
  • Eye Catcher liners – You can improve your traffic and hence YouTube earning by just putting an eye catching title. Because, you are expecting your videos to be viewed from millions or billions video.


We have just covered how one can start YouTube earning. Just make sure you will work on the relevant videos, if you want an audience for your blog. Because non-relevant content will increase your blog’s bounce rate.