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Welcome to the money making tutorials, and today we will cover writing tutorials. In today’s discussion we will see, how one can make money by just using his/her skills. It doesn’t matter you have a website or not, if you a quality skill, then you can earn without creating a blog or a website as well.

In case if you have got a website, then it will help you to get traffic, and back links as well. If your blog or a website go viral, then you can offer others to write articles or tutorials for you and you will be the one who will pay them.

Writing tutorials –  List of website to follow


If you are writing tutorials for tutorialboard, you can earn up to $150/accepted tutorial, and you will be paid as per the number of accepted tutorials. Not only this, you will be allowed to have a short bio of yours on the published tutorials by you. It will not only help you to get traffic, but also the best way to promote your website.


If you have knowledge about Autodesk Maya, adobe after effect and adobe photoshop, then write unique, informative tutorial to gain name and fame.

Payment Method: PayPal


Writing tutorials for photoshop tutorials is good to have, this is very good platform for you to test your skills, If you are good enough to write tutorial or can suggest some unique tips , then bingo for you. You can expect $150-300/ tutorial, Things are very simple “ Educate thousands of Photoshop users” and earn money and promote yourself as a professional.

Three ways of earning at photoshop tutorials are:

  • Write short tips, but informative than you can expect $50/ accepted tips.
  • Write full tutorial and earn from $150-300/ accepted tutorial.
  • Write articles and earn up to $50/ accepted article.

Payment Method: PayPal


The name itself says that it is about flash, and if you are a flash developer. If you wish to write articles for flashmint tuts, then you will be paid $150/ accepted work.  Writing tutorials for flashmint will let you promote yourself and your website via short bio and a link to your website.


You need to have knowledge about Flash, Flex, ActionScript and animation. And if you are well versed in it, then every quality of your tutorial will let you earn money as well.

Payment Method: PayPal


Again if you are good on photoshop and web development, then you can write quality articles for gomedia.


  • Web development
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe photoshop

Note: Payment is based on the quality of work, and once your article will be approved for publishing, then private talk will on on cash and if you want store credit for their arsenal.

Payment Method: not mentioned

Developer tutorials

Writing tutorials for developer tutorials is fun, If you are an individual with quality experience, and can pass out their knowledge in easy to understand way to developer tutorials user, then compensation is good for you. Again, you will be allowed to put short bio and a link back to your website.


Developer tutorials have a good option for many contributors. Like if you can write on any of the below topics , then accept compensation for the same.

  • CSS
  • Illustrator
  • JavaScript
  • Linux
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Photoshop

Payment method:  not specified by them, it depends on the quality of your work.


If you are an expert in health and wellness, then writing tutorials for achs  is a fun option for you, Just submit your article of 600-1000 words. If your article have been selected by achs to get published, then you will not only hit your presence but also earn a $50


If you can write about health or how to be healthy kind of stuff with your unique presence, then it is for you.

Payment Method: Not mentioned on their website.


If you have created and can suggest unique ideas for worldstart newsletter or computer tips, then writing tutorials will let you make good money at worldstart. They also welcome the full informative articles on computing, if you can then it is for you. You will be paid upto $50, depending on the length of the content.


Anything related to general windows, internet, and email tips.

Payment method: paypal, check(us only)

Funds for writer

If you can write on , income ides, grant success stories, ways to develop an income and etc, then you will be welcomed by funds for writers. You will be paid $50 for unpublished original articles  and $15 for reprints.

Payment method: paypal / check

Make a living writing

You can’t start writing tutorials or a post as a guest directly at make a living writing. First the owner of the make a living writing will give you an assignment, and later she hold the right to let you write for her or not. In fact, as per the make a living writing, they will not pay to those who are intended for the publicity only. You will be paid $50/post, if your article will be accepted by them.


Just writing skills to influence others with a word.

Payment Method: paypal


Writing tutorials at Ceramics is heaven for those who want to earn great from the skill, if your story has a quality and length of at least 1000 words, then you can expect $350/ accepted articles and if your story has the quality and length of 5000 words, then you will get $950/accepted story. If you want to try short article then you will be paid $25.


Multiple option is present to help you write, check yourself.

Payment Method: We have not seen any method on their website, you can contact them for further coordination.


Writing tutorials at Sitepoint requires a sound knowledge. Sitepoint is looking for web professionals, who can write about web development and design. They require a technically sound, instructive and innovative articles. In short, Sitepoint want their readers to learn something . They have not mentioned the amount, but as per them, they pay well for a quality articles.


If you are creative and good enough to write unique articles for readers at Sitepoint, then best of luck. You can write on any of the topic:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Mobile Development
  • UX
  • Design

Payment Method: Not mentioned by Sitepoint.


We have covered the best of writing tutorials website list, we will update the site listing as per the standards or new finding. Enjoy the best solution as of now to earn without a website. You can create a website or a blog in just 4mint, because it will help you to rise further.