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Wikipedia Backlink

Welcome to the link building strategies. Today we will discuss how to get Wikipedia backlink to your blog/website. We knew how important High PR backlinks for a website is. It doesn’t matter, whether you are getting dofollow or nofollow back link. The only thing matters are the High pr Backlinks. May be you will not like to hear that Wikipedia backlink is a no follow back link. But it doesn’t mean that it is not having the value, instead it is good for getting traffic from the Wikipedia.

Today we will explore various ways to get Wikipedia backlink to a blog/website. As a blogger, you need to get as many backlinks from high authority websites. The Wikipedia is one of that high authority websites, and Wikipedia backlink will not give you link juice, but certainly it will benefit you as far as blog traffic is concerned.

Why Wikipedia backlink?

Before jumping on the ways to get Wikipedia backlink, let’s understand why Wikipedia is important to get:

  • Because, Wikipedia is having high domain authority.
  • Because, Wikipedia is getting high traffic as compared to any other popular sites.
  • Because in every search result, you will see Wikipedia in the first page most of the time.
  • Because, one Wikipedia backlink will improve your blog performance.

How to get Wikipedia backlink?

Now we will see how to get Wikipedia backlink from the source Wikipedia. Well, it is a time consuming process, but we should devote such time, if it will provide the fruitful result. Before that, just remember few points that will help you to stay alive on the Wikipedia.

  • Do not breach their policies and guidelines.
  • Be cautious while editing the articles on Wikipedia.
  • Do not try to spam via dropping your website link. They will ban you upfront.

Now we will see how to get Wikipedia backlink? We will work it in steps.

Create a Wikipedia account – Just create a Wikipedia account to briefly describe you, and smartly relate you with your blog or about to create a blog.

Just work as a social worker – Initially never give the impression that you came here to fulfill your need. Just help Wikimedia to edit contents. Just work as a social worker, and show your importance.

Find dead links – Now, you need to find the dead links. Since Wikipedia is a huge collection of the information, you can easily find the relevant dead links.

Accurate and relevant editing – If you are editing the contents of the Wikipedia, then make sure you are not asking for the trouble. Because every editing from you will be seen by many Wikipedia editors, they can report your false doing as well.

Reliable resources – If you are editing content, then provide reliable resources to give weight age to your editing.

Earn trust & worth – Just become trustworthy editor of the Wikipedia before adding your links. Because trust is the only thing that will help you to get Wikipedia backlink in returns.

Put a link with reason – Make sure the link you have added will give value to its reader. It has to be a solid reason to put the link. Otherwise other editor’s will replace your link with their own relevant link.

Search more new content – You can stop by putting a one or two links, if you are more optimistic, then try to search more new and relevant content to your website. Work out on creating a plan to put links in Wikipedia.

Don’t be a spammer – This is very important to understand that nobody will tolerate spam activities. In fact, you will not allow spam comments on your blog, same thing applies everywhere on the net.

If you will show you are a serious editor, who wants to spend time on the Wikipedia for others. Then, you will earn many Wikipedia backlinks.


We have just covered Wikipedia backlink, and its way to get high authority back link from the Wikipedia. Always remember, it is a slow process, but it will give you long lasting benefits as well.