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Welcome to the SEO tutorials, we are working on seo tools, and we already covered linkAssistant, Rank Tracker, SEO spyglass. Today we will work on Website auditor, and will learn how you can create a complete Google friendly webpages. If you will create Google friendly, then obviously you will consider yourself favorite in search results.

For that you need to optimize your website with solidity and it will let you secure your presence in top ranking. Remember, the most important thing, Google will not tolerate any Black hat activities whether it is on-page or off-page. Just reach your goal with natural work, and see you will get the satisfaction as well.

Before jumping on to website auditor, let’s see what auditor means?

The Auditor is a person or a tool who will audit your work to let you achieve perfection.

Website auditor

Website auditor is a tool that will let you analyze your entire site, remove out all the loopholes and turn it into a 100% search engine friendly website.

Website auditor will help you to find and fix the problems like:

  • Broken Links – Major search engines don’t like website with broken links
  • HTML code errors – If your website is having Validation error, then it will affect your search preference as well.
  • Duplicate content – If you have a duplicate content’s on your website, then you are asking for trouble. Website auditor will help you in removing those duplicates.
  • Not indexed web pages – It will help you to find which page is indexed and which is not.
  • Missing/Long titles – This tool will help you to find out the missing title if any or which title is long, because major search engines not prefer long titles.

There are many issues which we can’t ignore as far as your website is concerned. You will get to know the quality of website auditor either free edition or paid one. Since you are a new then I would suggest you to go for the free edition of website auditor.

Note: Once your website will perform well, website auditor will help you into the next level and it is to optimize each webpage and secure quality ranking for your target keywords.

Website Auditor – On-page SEO reports

Yes, you will get your personal On-page SEO report that will assist to optimize your web page and it is a step by step easy to follow instruction that you can implement, even if you have no technical SEO knowledge.

Two different SEO reports that will help you are:

  • Website structure Audit Report – it will help you to optimize your site’s structure, help you to power your internal links and etc.
  • Page Optimization Audit Report – It will help you see your optimized page score, It will help you to compare your webpage against the top 10-ranked competitors etc.

Why Website auditor?

Everyone wants to achieve top ranking, but then don’t know how to work on SEO, some will follow friends or some will follow so called experts in the web world. But do you know if they are that good, then why they are not having Google page rank of 7 and above?

Simply understand the simplest thing, It’s you and your decision will take you up or down. Because if you will follow wrong or black hat activities, then panda or penguin is there to penalize you.

Let’s see why to say yes to Website auditor:

  • It will save your time/Money – SEO companies charge thousands to do website audit, which you can do with your own.
  • Start your own – If you are not an SEO friendly, then it is good for you, and if you know something about seo then it is best for you. In case you want to provide SEO services, then it is excellent for you to use.
  • Affiliate Marketer – auditor will easily make effective traffic-generating pages for products.
  • Blog owners – You will be able to create search engine friendly keyword-rich blog posts that will attract organic traffic.
  • The Copywriter will write search engine friendly content on any topic.

Website auditor – Try any

We do not want our readers to pay upfront, Since we are promoting website auditor that is why we want our readers to use the free edition of auditor, later you can decide whether you want to go for it or not.

Free Edition – Website auditor

Paid Website auditor


We have just covered website auditor, which is the part of SEO powersuite. It will help you improve your visibility in search results, but in a natural way and that is important to know. Start with the free edition and go on the high side of your competitors.