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Webmasters Tool

Welcome to the web hosting tutorials, today we will talk about the webmasters tool. The webmasters tool will help you to improve your website performance. There many things you need to do, besides creating a quality content. Let’s see what are these things are:

  • Create High PR backlinks. – You need to create a high PR backlink to improve your site rank.
  • Traffic generation. – Traffic is the main concern for the webmasters, and few tools will help you to reach target audience.
  • Social media activities – Need to create and manage social media campaigns.
  • Affiliate program – Can create an affiliate program for your business.
  • Protect your content. – It is very important to stop duplicate content or content spamming.

Besides these things, there are few Webmasters tool that are not applicable for all websites, like:

  • Community creation
  • E-Commerce development
  • Forum creation

Webmasters tool – A list of websites

Visitor Boost

Visitor Boost will help you to improve the website traffic with a guarantee. Like you will pay $1.95/1000 visitors. They are talking about organic traffic.

Note: We at sharplesson don’t appreciate any paid traffic, which will violate Google or other search engine guideline.

Omnistar Interactive

If you want to have an affiliate program for your business, then you can use the OSI Affiliate Software. The affiliate program will let you generate revenue.

Powerful Autoresponder Software

You can use auto responders for email marketing, you don’t require any technical knowledge to create Newsletter. Just create and send it to your target audience.

Ameri Commerce

You can sell your own product or create your online store by using Ameri Commerce.


You can use HootSuite for the social campaign Management.

Special offer:

In case you want to try it first, then try HootSuite Pro Free 30 Day Trial.

HootSuite – Social Media Tools for Business.


You can use the Q&A Software to Make it easy to Build a Community Hub.


Link assistant will let you create a quality link to your websites.


It will help you to migrate your site from one host to another. In fact, they will help you to fix bugs as well.


WPGuards will remove all your tension regarding your data backup of your WordPress sites.


If you want to create a web app for your website, then you can use knack. No coding or technical knowledge is required.

Note: you can target mobile users via allowing them to download and access your website via a web app. It is considered to be a best webmasters tool.

Dream Template

You can choose any template from their heavy collection. Like CSS templates, responsive templates, and even you can get free website templates as well.


If you want to protect your website from online thief, then enjoy the below offer.

Note: we will update the webmasters tool as per the availability. Either you can bookmark us or remember our short name ‘ SharpLesson’.


We have just covered the Webmasters tool, and it’s relevancy. Just check which one you want, and put your organic efforts to create a successful blog.

Note:  Never try black hat activities to reach in top search results. Have patience else you will join the list of failed blog.