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Web Design-Definition: web design is defined as the activity that consists of the planning, structuring, design, and implementation of a website. It is not merely an application of conventional design on the Internet, such as graphic design to aesthetically express the visual identity of the organization, since factors such as usability, architecture, or structure of information and user experience are requirements to consider from the early stages of the project.

Therefore, the web design is to find a middle ground between aesthetics and performance. It is a place attractive enough for the user not to run away and also to meet usability, functionality, structure, and navigation requirements that allow users to find what they are looking for and the companies to achieve their objectives.

Web design programs

Technically, there are several forms and applications of web design to carry it out:

  • Through direct creation in HTML code.
  • Using programs such as Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage.
  • The web design that directly uses server-side programming languages such as ASP.NET, JSP, PHP

Or the most popular, which is using a CMS system (content management system), which makes it possible to make the web design independent of the content as such, thus allowing the web designer the possibility to manage or manage the content separately and independently of the web design itself.

The most popular CMS is WordPress because it is the most functional and prepared for the improvement of the visibility of the web page in the search results in Google, Bing, In the links below, have much more information about WordPress and CMS.

  • What is WordPress?
  • Why NOT design your website on Wix?
  • Quick Tutorial WordPress

Prices web design

It is not the end of this web design tutorial to do a dissertation on the costs of professional web design. Just to make some clarification on the matter. In addition to the variety of prices on the market, which depend on multiple factors, web design and its worth are sometimes not in line with the result. Firstly, to be able to analyses whether the amount of web design is appropriate, at least two factors must be taken into account:

  • You want a custom web or self-managed design
  • Level of development

Today numerous platforms offer to have a free website. These designs are not to be trusted to be optimal. Nothing worthwhile is. There is the example of Wix, about which I recently wrote an evaluation article, giving the reasons – impartial – not to make a web in Wix. Another thing is WordPress, which yes, is a free platform, but there is the possibility to install it in a domain and accommodation that are not, and that is what most experts would recommend. You can consult the article in the post How much web is worth and in Web Design Prices.

As you can see, web design involves a wide range of possibilities. Thus, you can also do another type of division of ways to carry out web design, this time based on the type of web you want to build. Below are some of these design types and their target audience (based on Source Secured-Web Design)

Advanced Web Design

Web design oriented to professionals who want to count on new technologies in the design of their web pages. This advanced web design is mainly required by technological companies or clients related to the audiovisual world.

Web Design Classic

Traditional design that uses the basic elements: text and images as content, to which are added some external elements such as widgets or plugins. This design dispenses with elements such as flash, video streaming, or any advanced technology. Nothing we can’t live without most mortals.

Web Design Industrial

Industrial design is responsible for web pages for industries, multinationals, and large companies. They are corporate websites whose objective is to represent the image of the company.