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Ways for enabling JavaScript

JavaScript is a script programming language and it will run on the visitor’s browser. All the modern browsers come with built in support for JavaScript. In this tutorial, you will learn Ways about enabling JavaScript.


Enabling JavaScript

We will see, how to enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firfox. Enabling of JavaScript means, if your browser is not showing up ads, then it means your browser’s JavaScript is not enabled.

Let us learn, how to enable JavaScript in different browsers.

Enabling JavaScript in Internet Explorer(IE)

  • Open your internet explorer, and  in the menu or menu bar -> Click on Tools -> click on internet options
  • Click on Security tab -> click on Custom level
  • Scroll down to Scripting option -> active scripting -> Select enable
  • Click ok and you are done.

Enabling JavaScript in Google Chrome

  • Open your Google Chrome, and click on Customize and control Google chrome -> scroll down to setting and select it.
  • In the setting -> select show advanced setting….
  • Scroll down to privacy -> click on Content settings…
  • A window will open, look for JavaScript -> select Allow all sites to run JavaScript(recommended).
  • Click done
  • Close the setting tab and refresh the page.

Enabling JavaScript in Opera

  • In the Tools -> Select Preferences…
  • Select the Advanced tab from the dialog box.
  • Find and select the Content item from the list.
  • Now, select the Enable JavaScript checkbox.
  • Click OK -> close the preferences window.
  • Refresh your browser.

Enabling JavaScript in Firefox

Method One

  • In the address bar ( where you type a URL or Website), simply type about:config and click green arrow or press enter.
  • Warning message will appear -> click ” I’ll be careful, I promise!”.
  • In the search box -> search for javascript.enabled
  • Right-click on javascript.enabled -> click Toggle to change the value from true to false or false to true.
  • Refresh your page.

Method Two

  • Click on Tools -> click on options.
  • Select Content from the options -> Select Enable JavaScript checkbox.
  • Click ok and close it.
  • Refresh your page.

Enabling JavaScript in Apple Safari

  •  Click on Edit -> Select preferences
  • In preferences window -> Select Security tab.
  • In a Security tab -> scroll down to Enable JavaScript and Select it.
  • Close the window and refresh the page.

We have covered mostly used browser’s by the user and if in case, you are using other then this. Do write to us and, we will assist you in that.