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Successful Blog

Welcome to the sharplesson, today we will talk on successful blog. What blog or website can be called as a successful or why some get success and why many blog sinks? Let’s summarize the important points, that we will cover in this discussion.

  • What is a successful blog?
  • Why only few bloggers get success?
  • Why most of the bloggers get the bitter taste of failure?

We at SharpLesson only believe in practical things, and we will use examples to understand the best from the today’s topic. If you are a new webmaster or to be a blogger, then do what successful blog does and don’t do what failed blog does?

Successful Blog – Definition

There is no copy text definition for the exact phrase “successful blog”, but sometimes common sense plays an important part.

“Blog can be said successful if they have quality traffic, high page rank, and low Alexa rank”.

A blog can’t be successful if it is lacking above said points. Let’s understand it by example:

A brilliant student will always get high marks, because of his quality of a work and that is why he/she called a brilliant. You can’t say a average child is a brilliant child in all aspects.

Same way if a blog is not nearby the standard, then how come it is successful blog.

Successful Blog – Why few blogs?

Now we will see the reason why only few blogs get success, because it is not a secret now.  If you are a new blog owner, then make sure you will not forget below said points.

  • Target Audience – Successful blog have set of audience for their niche, and they are writing for them only.
  • One blog/Niche – Most of the blog who got the success had worked only on a single niche. For example, if a blog is all about health and it has articles for finance related audience, then for sure they will dilute their success.
  • Importance of blog post – Organized work will be appreciated by many, but unorganized work is meant for criticism only.
  • Done Keyword research – Before start writing a post, they have worked on the keyword they will use.
  • Done competitor analysis – They monitored their competitors activities to overshadow or reach nearby them.
  • On-page SEO – They have fully worked on on-page SEO. Like used keywords in title, heading, body, sub-headings, alt text and etc.
  • Off-page SEO – They have done off-page SEO activities well. Creation of a high pr backlinks for their blog, social media activities and applying other off-page techniques.
  • Add content – They routinely add content to their blogs.
  • Updating content – Updating of the content is very important, for example, if somebody has written articles on SEO, he/she need to update with any changes in the SEO industry.
  • Have patience – They did not work on black hat activities to get traffic or page rank, they gave time to their blog to grow with the audience.
  • Less ads – They made blog for readers not to monetize a blog, they used a decent amount of ads that will not irritate their readers.

If one will optimize his/her content on or off the field, then quality content with keywords and relevant backlinks will let you achieve decent traffic, good rank and a path to be called a successful blogger.

Successfully failed blog – Why many?

Enough talking about successful blog, let’s talk why the count of unsuccessful blog is high as compared to successful blog. You can say, every activity that is opposite of a successful blog. But there are a few other things as well

  • Copied / Duplicate content – You will see many websites that are just creating a duplicate content, because they feel they will get the same response like the original website from where they copied stuff.
  • Multiple Niche – Instead of working on one niche, they have worked on many topics to get more traffic.
  • More ads – Money is the only thing they want, and will put more ads.
  • Lack of Patience – No patience at all, if they will not get traffic in the early stage of blog, then they will surrender and join the list of failed blogs.
  • Lazy to write – If you will not write quality content regularly, your existing reader will not check for new updates and even search engines will not crawl your site for updates.
  • Lazy to update – Outdated content will let you sink more easily.
  • Penalty – Any off color activity will let you penalized by Google panda or penguin and these penalties will kneel your website down.
  • No or less Off-page activities – lack of Quality link creation, social activities, and other off-page activities will help you to fail quite easily.
  • The self proclaimed best blog – Yes, many bloggers complaint that they created good content and done everything right, but still nothing is going in their favor. What do you think, search engines, fulfilling their personal revenge with these webmasters? No, because millions and billions of website is there and major search engines want the best for their user.

If you want to be a successful blogger, then make sure you will not compromise with the quality of the content and will not do black hat activities to trigger a red flag to penalize you.


We have just covered, successful blog, why only few webmasters become successful and other’s failed to taste the success. Never do any activities which will harm your website or a blog, because post panda and penguin things have changed. Only quality blog survived and the rest vanished, many have started a new blog and some are working on the same blog to at least walk. If they could have worked on the quality before, then for sure would have enjoyed the life of success.