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Welcome to the web hosting tutorial, we already covered add-on domain and today we will cover subdomains. It is very important to understand the term subdomain, and its importance as well.

At sharplesson, we will cover the pros and cons of subdomains as well to understand the use of subdomains.


Define – Subdomains

The name itself says “ subdomain is a part of main domain”.  The important part of sub-domain is , you need not to register it like a main domain.

For example

Let’s take example of sharplesson, sharplesson has its main domain as a If I want to work on new niche like education, then I can use education as a sub-domain:

Note: you can say is a child domain of parent

When to use subdomains

  • Multiple niche or Product – If you have more than one products to sell, then you can create a subdomains related to your products. In case if you want to work on multiple niche, then you can create sub-domain for each niche.
  • Cover Regions – If your product is popular in a particular area or you want to promote your product region wise, then also a subdomain is good to have.
  • Affiliates or Franchises – If you want to create a different website for affiliate, then sub-domain is good option for you. In fact if you want to expand your business, then you can create a franchise website for your franchises.

Benefits of subdomains

  • Can have more than one website for each niche or products
  • Promote your Main– yes multiple subdomains will ultimately promote your main website.
  • Search appearance – With the quality of your sub-domains, you can increase your possibilities of appearance in search results.
  • Link building strategies – If you will interlink your content effectively, then with the help of subdomains, you can cross link your multiple sub-domains to rank well.

Disadvantages of subdomains

  • Additional charges – Web host charge extra for sub-domains, but for you a good news is HostGator doesn’t charge extra money from their client. You can use an unlimited amount of subdomains at the cost of main domain only.
  • Dilution of content – If you will have more sub-domain then for sure it will affect the quality of content, because you need to update all your domains and sub-domains. It is not a big issue, if you can manage from your own, then well and good, else can hire a relevant staff or friends to do that.

Web hosting service provider – offers sub-domains

Since we are using Hostgator, and we know Hostgator provides best of services, that is why our vote is for Hostgator, if you planning to have more sub-domains or add-on domains.


We have just covered sub-domains and its importance for you, if you want to be a blogger or a webmaster. Remember, we should go for quality, and it will affect your future as well.