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Search Engine Optimization is very important for your blog or website life, and that is why we should take it seriously. SEO in very simple term is a “ controlling the quality of a website”, it will ensure that your website is found by search engines for words or phrases relevant to exactly or partially what the site is offering.

Content + On Page SEO + Off Page SEO = Good SEO

At SharpLesson you will get quality, easy and interesting content and tips to improve your website quality and content or if you do not have, then you can get it.

SEO Introduction

First learn the basics of Search engine Optimization, and try to understand it because we have given easy and quality contents for our “ Search Engine Optimization Tutorials”

Keyword research is very important to understand and implement to get traffic.

On-Page SEO

As the name suggests the on-page optimization means ” uses of factors on page to improve your search results”. How you will do and What you will achieve , is discussed in below topics:

  • SEO Title – Why it is different then the normal title.
  • Heading & Bold
  • Optimize images – Why to optimize an image? Learn everything.
  • Keyword density – See why keyword density is not to avoid things.
  • Internal link – Learn, why internal linking is important to have.

Off-Page SEO

Again as the name suggests, the off-page Optimization is “ use methods to improve the ranking of a website other than on-page optimization”. In More simple term, “ You will use methods to rank better for your website, like promotional activity, social networking sites and many more. We will see how to do off – page optimization.

SEO Tools

Tools that will help you to improve your website rank.

  • Keyword Finder
  • Keyword Volume
  • Website Auditor ( Audit your Website & Save money)
  • Link Checker ( Build Backlinks for your site)
  • SEO SpyGlass ( Spy your competitor)
  • Rank Checker ( will check rank, and suggest keywords)
  • Addons