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SEO Title

Welcome to the SEO tutorial, we already discussed page ranking and keyword research, Today we will talk about SEO title or importance of title tag for SEO. While writing your content, title tag will help you to work on on-page SEO. Let’s understand the use of SEO title, and how it will help you to optimize your content.

What is SEO title?

Before understanding what is SEO title, let’s first understand what is title, title tag and then we will see SEO title.

Title – The title will describe the content or body of an article, books, posts and etc.

Title tag – The title tag is a place,where you will put the title of your web page.

 SEO title – This is a title which we create for the purpose of SEO, it is same like a title, just include your keyword phrase in it. This is the one place where we have to put our primary keyword. It is very important to have, because search engines should know what is the keyword and whether it is relevant to their search query or not.

SEO title – Importance

In this section we will see the importance of title in SEO, as we know title describes the content and same will apply with SEO title. It will describe your web documents, the common and important place for your titles are:

  • Browser
  • Searched Pages
  • Website – others

Let’s understand the SEO title for the above points with a practical example:

Title in Browser

You can clearly see, where you will get a title for your web page, yes at the top most side of your browser.

Title in Search results

Look at the below picture, you can clearly see “ how the title will be found in search results.

Title in websites

Many websites use the title tag as linking anchor text, We have taken the example of google+ profile here.

Best Practice to use SEO title

Title’s are much similar to marketing tricks, the best and eye catchy title will give you more hits. Simple or average looking title will not impress your readers. Let’s see the best way to create titles:

  • Unique title – Always try to have a unique title for your web page.
  • If possible, then use your focused keyword or primary keyword in the title.
  • Company Name – Put only at the end of the title
  • Do not keyword stuff – Try to use keywords at least one time or at most two times in a title.
  • Place title tag in a first line of your head section.
  • Try to begin with primary keyword in your title.
  • Title– Not more than 60 characters.


We have just covered SEO title and why it is important to have as an on-page SEO option. Never forget to include keywords in your title, and it has to be precise and relevant to your content.