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SEO Spyglass

Welcome to the SEO  Tutorials, We already covered SEO PowerSuite, and today we will discuss one the four tools of seo powersuite, We have covered rank tracker, website auditor, link assistant and now we will discuss SEO Spyglass. It is very important to spy our competitor and monitor their strength and weeknesses. If you will fail to spy your target competitor, then you will lose chance to succeed as well.

SEO SpyGlass

The SEO spyglass will help you to outrank your competitor very easily for any keyword and improve your Google ranking.  The SEO spyglass will help you to create an optimization strategy that will take your website from zero to Hero position in the search engines eyes.

Why You need SEO SpyGlass

There are many answers to this question, but let’s focus on some basics, but need to consider things.

New Website or Blog / Experienced Webmasters

You have a quality content on your website, but it’s been a 6 month or so, you are not getting a quality visitor or can say a decent visit. The reason for this must be:

  • Things you have missed.
  • Things you have over done

Let’s see what you have missed while standing your blog or a website.

What you have Missed?

Keyword research is a not important for you, if you blog or a website is for your hobby. In case, If you have  started your blog to earn as a part-time or a full-time, then keyword research is important to do and Never forget to:.

  • Work on On-page SEO.
  • Work on Off-page SEO.

Now here SEO SpyGlass will help you, how? Let’s suppose you used keywords in content, title, heading, sub-heading and etc or you can say you worked well on On-page SEO. You got a heavy amount of backlinks or say you have done your off-page SEO as well, But still after a few months(let’s say 6 months), you are still not getting quality traffic or no earning from your blog. Want to know why? Let’s see what you have overdone here:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Worked on High competition Keyword.
  • Got back links, either from a low quality website or non-relevant links.
  • Got links from bad neighbors.
  • Done black hat activities.

Sorry buddy, if you have done this, then Google Panda and Penguin are there to put penalty. Now you must be thinking how you will know what is keyword stuffing and good or bad links, because you are a new.

If you are a new, then you will get many articles who even don’t have a reputation, but still preaching others. And here, newbies like you will be easily disguised and put themselves into trouble. Now SEO SpyGlass will help newbies or expert blogger to follow their competitor or what is good or bad for you.

SEO SpyGlass will keep you away from google penalties, which is important to survive in the long run. Now let’s see how SpyGlass will assist  you to outrank and do well as compare to your competitors.

Points to remember

Let’s suppose, if your well optimized website hit by :

  • Google Panda – You can overcome by working on low quality content and other things or if you are not aware of doing that, then probably you will hire an SEO expert, and will pay Good amount .
  • Google Penguin – Here you will get stuck, because you should know which backlink is hurting you and again you will hire an Expert to do that, and will loose your pocket.

Now my question is, Why not to save those thousand dollar, and save your time and money by just becoming a bodyguard of your website. Yes, you can guard your website and let’s see how SEO SpyGlass will help you. Start with free edition or if you want to buy then go for paid SEO SpyGlass.


What SpyGlass will do?

SpyGlass is a a backlink checker, and it will help you to spy your competitor in an ethical way, and let you see why they rank better than you. How you will do that? Just launch SEO SpyGlass and within a minute or two, you will see how manually, and in organic way you will reach or outlook them.

Answers that you will get using SpyGlass are:

  • How to rank better for your keyword searches?
  • Where you will get high-quality links?
  • Which anchor text to use to outrank your competitors.
  • How many links required to come on top of the search engines.

Note: Organic link will get you traffic, and your competitors have done it, and that is why ranking high. SEO SpyGlass will let you do the same. Don’t buy SEO SpyGlass first, just use its free edition first and latter you decide you want to buy or not.

If you are an experienced blogger, then SEO SpyGlass will open a complete link building strategy of your target competitors and not only this, but you will see the details of “ why they rank well”. Let’s see what this backlink checker is for you.

  • The complete list of backlinks, and that too of your competitor.
  • Google PageRank – Yes, it will show the Google Pagerank for every backlink. It means, you can check why and which link google has given the preference.
  • Alexa Traffic Rank – Next you can see the Alexa rank of every backlink to understand your competitors traffic source. Because for sure you want to improve your traffic.
  • Complete PageRank – It will tell you, all the pagerank starting from google pagerank 0 to PageRank 10 of backlinks of your competitor.
  • How Many BackLinks – SEO SpyGlass will tell you the number of backlinks your competitor got from the same website or IP address.
  • Exact anchor texts – It will tell you the exact anchor texts and urls your competitors have been used, and it is very important to know, if you wish to rank well.
  • Keyword Density – It will help you to understand the appearance of keywords in the titles and anchors used by your competitor.
  • Forum/Blog backlinks – It will tell you that how many backlinks your competitors have got from a forum or a blog.
  • Age of Links – It will tell you the age of every website, linking back to your competitor.

There are many more features as well, Remember if you are a new website or blog owner then it is for you as well to understand the basics to survive. Else every day thousands of website registered and many expired website go for sale as well.

Where to get SEO SpyGlass

Well, we at sharplesson, will suggest you to first use free edition, and if you think SEO SpyGlass helped you, then go to purchase.


We have covered SEO SpyGlass, and why it is good for newbies and experienced as well. The idea is very simple, Follow the quality and get the quality.