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Welcome to the SEO tutorials, and today we will talk about the SEO score meaing, and Seo score checker tools. Being a webmaster, it’s always our concern to improve our SEO scores to compete with our competitors. To do so, you need to have a tool or a way that will help you to find the problems within your sites. Why? Because, if you will not aware about your sites downfall reason, then how come you will overcome the problems? To help our readers to compete well in the trending online environment, we have listed 7+ Seo Score Checker tools to use for.

SEO Score Checker tools – Check a list.

SEO Score Meaning – It is a parameter of calculating and predicting websites performance on the basis of the various factors like On-page, Off-page, and other performances.

SEO Site Checkup

The SEO Score by the SEO Site checkup tool will include examination of the following:

Common SEO – The common SEO issues considered by the SEO site checkup will be:

  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • Google search results preview
  • Keyword usages
  • Use of the heading tags
  • Sitemap test
  • txt test
  • Broken links test
  • Image ALT test
  • Google Analytics test
  • Favicon test
  • SEO friendly

There are many more things they will consider while giving your website the SEO Score.

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Speed – The optimization of the speed is a major concern for the websites, and here on SEO Site Checkup your SEO score will be deducted for the issues like:

  • Page Sizes
  • Page objects
  • Page cache test
  • Image expires test.
  • JavaScript minification test
  • FrameSet test
  • Doctype test
  • Site loading speed test

And many more things they will consider while giving you the SEO score for your website.

Server & Security –The SEO score for a server and security is very important to get. Let’s see what are the things they will consider for the security and the server.

  • URL Canonicalization Test
  • IP Canonicalization Test
  • Safe browsing test.
  • Server Signature test.
  • Directory browsing test
  • HTTPS checker

And many more things on the basis of what you will get the SEO score.

Mobile Usability – The mobile usability will tell you whether or not your website is mobile friendly. If your website is mobile friendly, then probably your SEO score will be on the higher side. In case, your website is failing the mobile friendly test, then it will lower down your SEO score as well.

Social Media – The SEO score by the SEO Site checkup will be dependent on the Social media presence of your site as well. It will check your social media activities to grade you better for the same.

How to use?

The SEO Site checkup tool is easy to use. Just enter the URL of your website, and hit the checkup button.

Page Rank: 3

Alexa Rank: 5828


ChkMe tool

You can use chkme to get SEO Score, PageRank, Site Ranking and Grader. The best part is it is free to use. The SEO Score you will get in percentage, and the parameters they will consider to give SEO scores are:

Headings  – This tool will check h1, h2, and other headings used by you to give you the SEO marks.

Flash check – It will check whether your animation or the flash items are affecting your site or not. Don’t worry, they will not consider it for counting your SEO score.

Frames/ Iframe – It will check your SEO score for the Frames as well. Less or no frame will give you more benefits.

Images – They will consider the Image description while giving the SEO score, but yes, they will not mind avoiding the Image title.

How to use?

Like SEO site checkup, you can enter the website address, and click the check SEO score button.

Page Rank: 3

Alexa Rank: 22608


SEO Reporters

The SEO reporters are an On-page SEO tool to check the SEO score of any websites. You just enter the keyword that you are looking to check, and later you will be provided relevant information’s like:

How to use?

Enter your website URL, and press the  SEO score Calculator button, after hitting the button the window will pop up to enter the keyword to check the keyword density.  So simple to find the valuable information on your website.

Page Rank: Unranked

Alexa Rank: 188831


Free SEO Scorecard

The free SEO Scorecard is free to use tool, and it will give you the SEO grades on the basis of analyzing the below things:

  • Page title
  • Page Description
  • Heading tags.
  • Links
  • Images
  • Tables use
  • Frame/ Iframe uses
  • Analytics test

How to use?

Here, you need to enter the web URL, and press the enter button to know your SEO Score.

Page Rank: 3

Alexa Rank: 446797


Eye flow

The SEO score checker by the eye flow will consider four things.

  • Code – Your website is having errors in Html or CSS coding or not.
  • Crawl issues – Search spiders can crawl your site or not.
  • Branding of your site – How active you are in the social media.
  • Links – It will check the popularity of your website.

How to use?

Simply enter the URL of your website, and enter the submit button. You will get your SEO Score within the few seconds.

Page Rank: 3

Alexa Rank: 446797


SEO web page analyzer

The SEO web page analyzer will give you SEO marks on the basis of:

  • Meta title and Description test.
  • Headings tag test.
  • Keyword analysis of the page.
  • Hyperlinks – Internal, external or the inbound links.
  • Image optimization test.
  • Social media presence test.

How to use?

Like other tools, you can add the URL of your website, and hence you will get your desired result.

Page Rank: 3

Alexa Rank: 446797


Site SEO analysis

The site SEO analysis will give you the SEO points on the basis of:

Architecture – The architecture test will consider a few things to help you in SEO score are:

  • Canonical tag
  • Page speed
  • WWW or non www conflict
  • URL underscores.

There are a few other things as well, if you will clear this parameter, then the SEO mark you will get on a higher side.

Content – The content test will consider many things like:

  • Description
  • Heading tags
  • Image ALT Attributes
  • Keywords
  • Language
  • Meta keywords
  • Text links
  • Title

Few things we have not mentioned here, in case you want to test your website SEO point, then you will get to know the left things there.

Links – The link test will check the following things to give you the SEO marks:

  • Link text quality
  • Page links
  • Website backlinks

The overall quality of the links will help you to improve your SEO score.

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Social Media – It will check your presence and activities on the best social media sites.

Trust – The trust test will tell the reputation of your website in terms of:

  • Daily visits.
  • Spam involvement
  • Dmoz listing

How to use?

The simple way to use the site SEO analysis is by just putting the URL and press the analyze button.

Page Rank: 1

Alexa Rank: 75746



We have just covered the SEO score meaning and its tools that will motivate you:

  • Do well, if you are lacking somewhere.
  • Catch up the competitors, if you are near or about to overshadow them.

How? Let’s say the  SEO score Checker will calculate your score to 35/100, then you will probably bog down or try to do well to get better results.