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Robots.txt Checker List

Welcome to the SEO tutorial, we already saw what is robots text and its importance. Now we will see what is robots.txt checker and how it will help us. Search engines have a spider or bots that will crawl your website to show search results to the end users. Sometimes they will crawl the files or directories you do not want to index by search engines. Here, robots.txt files will play an important part to let you restrict spiders from crawling unwanted things. The robots.txt checker will let you find out whether your website is using a robots.txt file or not.


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Robots.txt Checker – Site List

The robots.txt checker is a tool, which will let you to find:

  • The presence of robots.txt files on your website.
  • It will let you find out, whether or not you have allowed the search engine spider to crawl your website.

We have listed a few sites, which will help you to validate your robots.txt files. You can clearly see, whether you have your robots.txt file or not.

robotstxt – [ they don’t hey their own checker]









Note: Even Google has a robots.txt testing tool, and you can find it in webmaster tools, just log in to webmaster tools and scroll down to crawl section, and there you will see a link of robots.txt checker.


We have just covered robots.txt checker and its list, if you don’t know how to create a robots file, then you can read:

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Robots.txt file will help you to prevent under construction pages, images and other files indexed by the search engine bots.