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Reddit Traffic

Welcome to the traffic building tutorials. Today we will talk about reddit traffic, we will try to cover all the relevant topics to improve the reddit traffic. Before we will talk about the traffic from reddit, there are some important terms you should know. Let’s discuss those terms first, and then we will discover the way to build traffic. In case you will jump to the solution for reddit traffic, without giving importance to the below mentioned terms. Then, it will bother you much in negative ways.

  • What is reddit?
  • What is sub-reddit?
  • What is up vote?
  • What is down vote?
  • What is link karma?
  • What is Stealth ban?

Just learn the importance of the above said points. It will give you more strong way to move in reddit.

Reddit Traffic – Learn the basics

What is reddit?

You can consider reddit as an all rounder platform. It is a social forum where you can find any information. You can look for news, social activities, images, and entertainment stuffs. It has been started in 2005, and got popularity in no time. You can like or dislike any post as per your understanding.

If you are a blogger/webmaster or want to create a blog, then reddit is very good choice to gain reddit traffic in no time. Because reddit is receiving huge traffic, can say in many billions. For example, if you could succeed to get at least 0.025% of reddit traffic, then bingo for you.

What is sub-reddit?

You must be familiar about the categories? Webmasters are very much familiars about this. In fact, successful blog knows how to categories their target. Same way sub-reddit is nothing but a category, for example, if your blog is about technology, then you will post or comment on the technology section. Here, technology is a category in simple term, and sub-reddit in terms of reddit.

Note: The targeted reddit traffic will help you to minimize the bounce rate of your new blog.

What is up Vote?

You must have seen this up vote system in the yahoo answers or a Facebook? If you liked anything probably you will give thumbs up. Likewise, your post link will be eligible for high rank as per the number of up votes. As many up votes will give you good rank, and hence reddit traffic as well.

What is down Vote?

It is opposite to the up vote, if anyone dislikes your post or in any ways he/she gave you down vote as rewards to your post link. Then for sure it will affect your ranking in the reddit, and hence your reddit traffic as well.

What is link karma?

The karma is associated with the up votes and down votes or rather says on the votes. In case you will get more up votes, then you will be entitled for more karma’s. But, if your post or link is not that much entertaining, then karma will bother you. Ultimately, you will suffer from reddit traffic as well.

What is stealth ban?

The stealth ban is like a sweet poison. You will be banned, but you will never feel such things. In very simple term, they will not disable your account, rather they will let you work in whatever way you want? The funny thing is, you will see your work by yourself only. I hope you don’t want to be banned by reddit for doing spam.

Note: Just follow their rules and guidelines to avoid self watching post or links.

Now, I hope you understood what to consider most for getting reddit traffic? Next we will see how to start getting reddit traffic?

Reddit Traffic

This section is very important, because you will see how to start working on reddit. All your doing will give you likes or dislikes. Better go positive without hurting anyone else, remember “stealth ban”. Let’s see what all you have to do to get reddit traffic.

Signup – First of all, you have to follow basics and have to register first.

Content – Reddit is a bit different, here you have to share other contents first. Because reddit don’t want a partial user. If in your first attempt you will put link about your blog or other content related to your blog, then you can face ban as well. Tips: Better first gain karma for other contents, once you will get decent karma, then can think of pointing towards your blog.

Rules – Read the rules first for sub-reddits, because for sure you don’t want to be considered as a spammer? Yes, you can avoid such things by just using your mind. Use your important portion of your head that will avoid stealth ban.

Karma – Try to get more up votes, because it will let you earn more karma’s. Once you will succeed to get enough karma’s, then you can look for your post or link. But again, karma is much important, so go for it.

Patience – You can’t become rich from blogging in quick time. You have to show maturity level, and then only you will succeed. Otherwise, you will be alone reddit traffic for your website. Just wait and watch, is it hard to follow? Certainly not.

Build Relations – Try to give up votes to other bloggers, because it will let you build a relationship with them. Probably they will also vote for you.

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Reddit traffic means more karma

Now I will give you a few tips to gain more karmas, probably you will follow it get some cool traffic.

  • Viral content – Just try to find viral content, images, videos or an article of others and share it. Because people will give you likes only if, they will enjoy it. So don’t test users patience, else you will get more down votes as a result.
  • Appealing title – Now you know, you have got the exciting content. The next step is to give attractive and appealing title to the content that you will share.
  • Relevant Reddit/Category – Now you have to put content on the relevant category. Because, if you will put a technology post in a food recipe category, then who will see it? Better remember relevancy and its importance.

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We have just covered reddit traffic, how, what, and why of it. Always remember that you want more traffic from reddit, but at the same time you have to take precaution that will save you from getting banned.