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Welcome to the link building strategies, we have already covered How to build High PR backlinks from best social networking sites, article submission sites, directory submission and YouTube. Today we will discuss how the question and answer sites will help you to get traffic or links. It is very important to have traffic, and that too genuine traffic. You cannot expect high organic traffic in your early days. You need to work hard to get them, if you want to create a blog just for money. Make sure you will show gentleman patience. Just follow major search engines guidelines as an obedient student.

Let’s see what we will cover in Question and answer sites topic.

  • What are Question and answer sites?
  • Pros of Question and answer sites.
  • List of Question and Answer sites.
  • Cons of Question and answer sites.

It is always a good practice to short list the points that we will learn. Now we will cover points one by one.

What are Question and answer sites?

The Q & A sites, are nothing but a two way communication process. Why I said two ways? Because you can ask questions, and reply the answers as well. You must have done searches on Google or other search engines to find the answers for your question. It will take time to find the answer that will be suitable for you. For example, you want to search about family relation, and suddenly you want answers for education as well. In that case either you will go to Google search, and look for the answers or upfront look for the Question and answer sites that will have major sections.

Here, Q & A sites will help you to save time. You can trust sites for expert advice, if they are famous for.

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Pros of Question and Answer sites

These sites will not only help you to solve your problem or others. But it has some other motives as well.

  • Traffic Generation – If you have a website, and got the relevant Q & A sites. Then your interesting and helpful answers will motivate your readers to visit your website as well. They will visit your site to get more details for sure. If you want your blog to be called as a successful blog, then you have to look for different sources for traffic.
  • Link building – It will not only help you to get traffic, but also it will help you to get back links to your website/blog. Some question and answer sites will let you put links at the time of creating profiles. Some will allow you to do so after crossing their set time, post or points limit.
  • Trust building – If you are good in catching eyes, then you can build strong relationships with our audience. Every visit by audience will motivate search engines as well to catch your website.

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Question and Answer sites – List

Now we will see the much awaited list of Q & A sites. Look for your relevant sites, and start building bridge between your blog and a Q & A sites.




















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Cons of Question and Answer sites

Well, nothing is perfect, except the creator of the world.

  • Spam – In the process of building links, many webmasters used to spam. May be their intentions are not to do so, but they will become eligible for penalty either by the website itself or by the major search engines.
  • Bounce Rate – Yes, it will frustrate your readers. If you will try to link non relevant content while answering, then it will only frustrate users. The user will not find any relevant content, and they will leave your site very soon. It will increase your bounce rate.
  • Penalty – If you are linking anything which is nothing to do with your niche blog/website. Then it will invite search engines to penalize you.

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We have just covered Question and Answer sites, its pros and cons. Make sure you will stick to the basics, and will work to build relations with your reader and the sites. Any false activity will throw you out of the Q & A sites or more serious penalty by the major search engines.