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Paypal Donation

Welcome to the how to make money online tutorial, we have already covered how making money from paid reviews. Today we will cover how making money from ‘PayPal donation’. Many times you must have seen a PayPal donation button while visiting a website. May be you thought of donating as well, Sometimes on the spot or may be on other visits. If you are not monetizing your blog in any other way, except the PayPal donation, then make sure you have done your homework on:


  • Quality content – If your content speaks your best quality, then anyone who will be benefited from your content will ready to donate.
  • Know how to raise the pulse – You should know, how to sell your PayPal donation button. It doesn’t mean that you will literally sell PayPal donation to your reader. It simply means, let your reader understand, why they should donate for you.

PayPal Donation – Button by PayPal

PayPal has provided a way to the blogger, non-profit organization, and for those who are working for a cause.  Either add a snippet of code to your website or use PayPal Donation plug-in.

Many bloggers use a catchy word or two to impress or motivate their readers, like.

  • Support my site.
  • Buy me Meal
  • Buy me a ticket
  • Buy me a coffee

If you have any innovative phrase, then you can use that. You can put your catchy keywords to the top of the PayPal donation button. Just remember one thing, your blog or a website is for readers and not for any SEO or Page Rank. If your website will not get traffic, then automatically you will lose everything.

How to justify – PayPal Donation

You should let your readers know, why you are asking for support. Let’s for example, if we at sharplesson will use donation button, then we will ask to donate:

  • Because we have to pay web hosting costs.
  • Because it takes time to manage and write quality articles.
  • Because we need to meet our expenses.

And if visitors want us to write same quality for them, then they can donate at least 1 dollar to help us running. Fortunately, we don’t want our reader to donate to us, and hence we are not using the donate button.

Cost of using the PayPal donation button?

Well, many popular plugins are available and that too free, if you want more featured plugin, then you can pay for it. Most bloggers use WordPress, and there are many free plugins available for them.

Who should use – PayPal donation button?

Anyone can use donation button, if you have created a blog or want to create blog to share your experience or monetize your blog. The only thing is, if you are a well established company or a blogger, then you should maintain dignity.

If you are a new or an experienced blogger, who is monetizing his blog by the mean of donation button, then you will get one more point to mention.

Where to get the PayPal donation plugin

We believe you are using a WordPress, then you can get your plugin:

In case you want the code to paste in your website, then visit PayPal and to see the complete tutorial for creating buttons.


We have just covered how making money using donation button. We have listed down the places for tutorial and plugin download as well. Now it’s up to you, how you will monetize your blog using a PayPal donation button.