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Paid Reviews

Welcome to the money making tutorial, we have already seen how making money from pay per impression, and writing a tutorial. Today we will discuss how to earn from paid reviews and what are those sites that will let you earn money. The points we will consider in this tutorial are:

  • What is paid reviews?
  • Pros of paid review.
  • Cons of paid review.
  • List of paid reviews site.

Paid Reviews – Definition

The Review is nothing but a kind of an evaluation of the product without being bias. Sometimes you will find genuine reviews by the reviewer who have used the product or services. We personally feel that a reviewer should not be biased, because their review will make or break the mind of the end users. Either he/she will buy the services or a product or they will look for other options.

Paid review is a way through which a reviewer will be paid to review a product via cash, memberships or gift vouchers.

Pros of Paid Reviews

Make Relationships – Yes, paid reviews will give you the way to connect with the trader’s audience. In fact, your reviews will impress the similar niche companies to approach you. In return, you will get money and target audience as well.

Traffic Reward – Yes, you will get good amount of traffic for reviewing the products or services. Every visit by the audience will give an insight look of your blog or a website as well. In case they liked your content, then they will become a subscriber or will bookmark your website as well.

Cons of Paid Reviews

  • Paid link – In a some sense it is a paid link, which is not a good to have. In case search engine will take it as a paid links, then it will affect your website.
  • Bias Nature – As we said, you will hardly find a genuine reviewer, because they will not disclose the dark side of the product or services to that extent. Even though they will mention that it is a paid reviews, but still readers are not a robot. They will find out the truth.

Paid Reviews – List of websites.

Sponsored Reviews

Pay per Post 

Shared Reviews 

Paid 2 review

Social spark

Software Judge



Link from blog

Blogs vertise

Digital journal

Wise bread 

User testing


Rate it all

Expo tv

Note: We will update these review sites as per the information. You can bookmark our site or just remember ‘SharpLesson’.


We have covered paid reviews, its pros and cons. We have considered only those sites, those are alive and working for long. But, we still we want our readers to research, before joining it. We will change the status or update the list as per the best availability.

Tips to Remember

  • If you want to give a good review, then first become the user either via paid or free trail uses.
  • Just give a genuine opinion, never bite your trader or a reader.
  • Never promote or review a product which is not related to your niche.