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Welcome to the third topic of SEO Guide, we already discussed what is keyword research and its importance to get traffic to your website. Now we will learn the importance of page ranking, what is page rank and how to check it?

What is Page rank

In very simple terms, it is the numbering system used by the Google to assign the number to each website and even each page of a website. Google will use 0 to 10 number system to  rank websites using its algorithm called Page Rank.

Google has been co-founded by Larry Page with Sergey Brin and PageRank is named after Larry Page. The page ranking works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to do a rough calculation of website importance.

Importance of Page Ranking

Now we will see why page ranking is important for websites, if you are new to SEO then do give importance to Page rank as well.

  • Page rank will add authority to your website – If your website is high on page ranking, then your website will perform better in natural search results.
  • High Page rank will measure your Popularity – The number of sites linking back to your website will show the trust and value of your site. If you are having high Page rank,then it simply means that you have got valuable links.
  • More Indexes – If a website or its pages have a high Page rank score, then the chances are high that Google spider will visit frequently to your website to index your content. Not only Google but other search engines will do the same.
  • Advertisers Heaven– If you wish to monetize your website then Page rank will play an important role. The advertiser will pay you higher, if you will have high Page rank.

Page rank or getting page ranking is a license for all, like you will feel honored, it will show your credibility and will let you to earn huge money from advertisements. So give your best to use effective SEO campaigns to get high page ranking for your website.

How to check my page rank

It is very simple to check your PageRank, and if you want to see what is your site rank or others site rank then install Google’s Toolbar. After installation of the toolbar, you will see a small green bar in the top right corner of a browser. If your site has a blank bar, it means you have starting rank i.e “0“. Google will rank you till 10, which is the highest page ranking given by a google to a website.

Note: Page Rank is an estimation used by a Google, and it is only updated every 3 months or so.

Explanation of Page Ranking with Numbers

Now let’s see what is the meaning of 0 to 10 in google toolbar, we will even see why websites are having grayscale.

  • 0 – It simply means you are not listed on the Google PageRank list.
  • 1 – It means you are listed on the Google PageRank list.
  • 2 – You are doing ok, and can move up.
  • 3 – Average one, it simply means that your information is good.
  • 4 – It shows that you are above the majority and that is why you are above the average.
  • 5 – Bingo, you will appear on the first page of any search results.
  • 6 – Above the Good or can say you have great information on your site.
  • 7 – You are one of the top sites and can feel relaxed.
  • 8 – Eight is your mate, best and super hot.
  • 9 – You are in the category of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • 10 – You are a Google like a website.

Why graybar in page ranking system

  • If your website is new and you are seeing this then it may be because your site has not been updated by Pagerank.
  • Do not assume directly that your site is penalized or is removed by google from the index.
  • It may be a signal of improper behavior.
  • Sometimes Pagerank can change to gray with no impact on your website performance.

Understand page ranking

We will try to understand page rank with simple example, since inbound links are an important factor, so we will consider it in our example.

Look at the above picture, let’s suppose the sharplesson is having Google Page rank of 8, and if it will choose to link another site ( site B). The Site B will receive a link juice from SharpLesson, and if site B will decide to link to Site C, then Site C will also get some part of Link juice.

Using this system of passing authority, Google would then count up how much authority a site had and give it a PageRank from 0 to 10. The PageRank system has become more complicated since then, but this is how it all started.