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Own Products Selling

Welcome to the money making tutorials, we have already discussed how to earn from the PayPal donation button and Paid reviews. Today we will cover how making money by selling own products. If you have a new blog/ website or you want to create a blog, then selling own products is a good option. This is the best and fast way to earn some or huge money. We have seen many successful blog selling their own products. If your product is having a quality and uniqueness, then for sure you will get the rewards as well.

There is almost an unlimited option to choose from. In fact, you can create your unique ideas to implement. We have just listed the products which are in your reach. You can work on either of one or two products.

  • Create e-books.
  • Online tutorials
  • Short courses
  • Offer membership
  • Offer services
  • Visual kits

Now let’s talk each point in a simple and precise manner.

Create e-books

If you are good in writing and can write for your niche, then it is a very realistic dream to fulfill. Just create an e-book, and put it for sale on various online stores. Let’s understand it with the practical example.

You are blogging about SEO, then you can write countless on a particular topic. For example “what is black hat SEO?”. Now create a title like “Avoid black hat SEO” or “Black Hat SEO Sin”. Catchy title will buy you a sale.  Once you will finish, just put it for sale on various online stores.

Online tutorials

You can start online tutorials, if you are having a sound knowledge on a particular subject like mathematics, physics, chemistry and Accounts etc. You can offer online tutorials on an hourly basis or can charge monthly fees. You need not to worry, just create a blog/website and you will be provided software. Just choose any relevant one like Moodle, Atutor and etc.

Short courses

You can offer short courses in programming languages. If you are good at web based languages like Html, CSS, JavaScript and PHP-MySQL, then provide contents at affordable prices.

Offer membership

If your blog or content spreads like a viral, then you can ask for the membership charges. Give more discounts on long time membership. This will motivate your readers to go for a long run.

Offer Services

You can offer services like consultancy on education, jobs, or real estate kind of. If you are good in programming, then you can offer web template design, or web designing services as well.

In short, you can sell your knowledge through your website or a blog.

Visual kits

You can sell tutorial contents in the form of CDs or DVDs. Just create a quality video of a lecture and put it for sale. For example, you can teach how to create a complete website in 10 days. Here you will give all the relevant tutorials. If your tutorial is having a quality, then for sure you will retain your existing clients. In fact, it will give you more publicity along with the money.

Own products created – No sale

You have created a product, but no buy, since a month or two. Do you know what is happening to your own products? Let’s figure out what you forget to do or why your own products that has a quality and uniqueness, but still no one buying.

  • Not a touchy article – You have just created, and shared the newly created product with your readers. What do you think? They will simply buy it? The answer is big NO for the majority of readers. But yes, exceptions can buy and exceptions can’t be set as an example. Tips: You can write a quality article about your product, its benefits and any specific requirement if any.
  • Too costly – If you want to sell your own products, then make sure you will not lose your buyers. Though your product is having a quality, just put it on reasonable price. Tips: Price tag should be as such; even a student can afford it.
  • No traffic – If your blog or a website is a new, then try to build High PR backlinks. Because your own products are created for visitors, but without traffic how you will manage to sell. Tips: Participate in question & answer sites, check discussion forums, do guest posting and use best social networking sites to promote your products.
  • Already seen – You have created your own products, but it is been already seen by visitors or others are selling at cheap rate. Tips: Create a unique and impressive product that is different with others.
  • Lack of Promotion – You have not promoted your newly created products. Don’t expense on TV ads, or other high expensive medium. Tips: Just follow the basics, create awareness in your social networks, subscriber of your website and do some local publicity.


We have just covered how making  money from own products. Just use your mind, try to create a product which is relevant to your niche. Simply work on the quality, because you have not made a website to earn money. Because, if this will be your target, then your blog cannot be considered as a successful blog. Your blog/website should be made for the readers, and then see the magic.