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Long Tail Keywords

Welcome to the SEO tutorials, we already covered how to do Keyword Research. Today we will discuss about the long tail keywords. The long tail keywords will have at least three and at most five words in the phrase. It has been used by the webmasters, who wants to be shown in the refined search results.

Long tail keywords – Definition

A keyword phrase with at least 3-5 words, and specific to the visitors.

For example: If you have time to waste, then you will search for  “shoes”, but if you are in a hurry, then you will search for “ black xyz brand shoe with price”. Now see the difference, first will give you too many options (including non-relevant), and later one will give you the specific result.

Our long tail keywords (black xyz brand shoe with price) will show you the relevant result with a price, so that you can finalize the purchase or made a mind to buy.

Note: The only thing is, you will get less traffic. Because, there are only a few who want a black shoe of that brand.

Long tail keywords – Why to use?

Now let’s see the benefits of using long tail keyword,

  • Targeted traffic – If you will use long tail keyword, then whoever will search for the such keywords have already made mind to take action.
  • Less Competition – You can expect to rank well in the organic searches, because you must have used the keywords that have less or no competition.
  • Website Authority – If you will secure first page appearance in the search results for few long tail keywords, then for sure it will help you to build trust level.
  • Improve Sales – If you are an affiliate or selling own products. And you are using long tail keyword, then the person who will reach to your website, for sure he/she had made up a mind to purchase.

Long tail keywords – Example

Now let’s try to understand the different scenarios with our example. Later you can decide, whether you want to use the long tail keywords or not.


Let’s say, you own a stationary website, and you have got an electronic whiteboard to sell. Now you can use long tail keyword like ‘Cheapest Sharplesson electronics whiteboard’, instead of the keywords like ‘ whiteboard, sharplesson whiteboard’. Here we used ‘sharplesson’ as a brand, now what will happen, who ever will search for cheapest sharplesson electronics whiteboard, have already made up a mind that he/she will buy this brand whiteboard.


We have just covered long tail keywords, and why to use it. If you are a new blogger, and your niche is highly competitive, then you can work with long tail keywords to survive. In case your niche is not that much competition, then you can use short and traffic oriented keywords.