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link building strategies

Welcome to the SEO tutorial, we already covered Site Checkup, and today we will cover link building strategies. If you are new to SEO then cover your On-page SEO. In this article we will learn link building strategies which are important for your blog or a website. SEO is very important for a website to grow, and it is a not to forget things.

What is Link building strategies

“ Link building is a ways of getting quality inbound links to a website or pages, and the methods used to build a link are called link building strategies”.

Note: Number and quality of backlink are very important, and never compromise it.

Types of link

Links and its type are important terms in link building strategies, and if you are not familiar with it, then your strategies will not work. Let’s see links and their meaning:

Natural or editorial links

It is a gift given by another website to you, and you will get natural links because your content is having quality and uniqueness. Editorial links are natural links because you are not paying money or trading links.

For example: You paid for Html tutorial at sharplesson, and you are impressed with the quality of our content and because of you few more friends have ordered the same. It is you, who referred others, did we ask you to do that? No, and it is called the natural way of getting an appraisal.

Note: No link building strategies will work, except the quality of your work will count here.

Grabbed or Paid links

These are the links grabbed by the blogger through payment or by trading. If it is done in an organic way, then best to use, else these are worst to use:

  • Link advertisements
  • Paid linking
  • Article distribution
  • Blog comments
  • Directory links

Note: Paid links will help you and it will cost you as well. If you will not implement this link building strategies properly, then your traffic, search results and page rank will be getting affected.

Direct link

The easiest part of link building strategies are a direct link, It is a good and a common way of getting links for your website. Simply ask the website owners for the link, and if they find your content up to the standard, they will agree to link exchange or one way link. But they need to have a reason to link back to you.

Note: Always go for relevant links, else irrelevant link will bother you and your search results.

Mix links

Instead of giving a name to these activities I have put them in a mix links status. Unlike miscellaneous term, it is a very important term in a link building strategies. Let’s see what our mix links have for you:

  • Blog comments – No comment spam please.
  • Press releases, but not overuse of anchor text
  • Article directories
  • Guest post
  • Advertorials
  • Embeddable widgets
  • Infographic embeds
  • User profile pages
  • Guestbooks – A good way to generate links
  • Forum signatures
  • Directories that are not moderated

Effective link building strategies

Link building strategies are not getting a maximum inbound links and rank high in Google page rank. Instead, it is a linking of a quality and relevant links to your website, in order to provide quality and complete content to your readers.

Let’s see how useful can you make your content and get relevant links for your website:

Understanding of your market is very important, let suppose your blog is all about programming language and you have got links from food, health, travel and baby products. Yes of course you got a few links from programming website as well but it is negligible.

What is wrong with these types of link building strategies? Well understand with a simple example, you got high fever and the doctor suggested you a pain killer. Though it was a medicine, but not a relevant one, same thing will apply in link building strategies as well. Get a link to your relevant content and not for what comes in your way.

Develop good content – No compromise in content, create a quality and unique content.

Write for others

Target the few websites with high page ranks, and having huge audiences. Now your work is to follow their rules and submit your article, the benefits of doing this are:

  • Traffic – You will get the audience for your content
  • Links – You can expect links from the audience.

Link Request

If your content got the editorial or natural link, then you can expect other relevant sites to link back to you. Because you already got the editorial links from a site they respect. In case you have not got such links, then ask politely for the link and if they will agree on one way links then bingo for you. If they will ask for reciprocal link then still it is good to have a high pr inbound link.

Press releases

Link building strategies include press releases also, as you must have noticed guest writing and link request is a one to one approach and its time consuming as well. But issuing press releases is like hitting many targets with one arrow.

For example, if you will submit your release to a xyz and they will distribute your article to thousands of editors or journalists.

Monitor the effect

Now if you have implemented your link building strategies effectively, then for sure you will see improvement in:

  • Traffic from links
  • Traffic from Search
  • Sales
  • Your pocket (money)

What not to do

Paid Links – Avoid paid links and it doesn’t matter you are using for many years, get rid of it else Google will penalize you.

Article Directory Links – Now it is not as good as it was.

Reciprocal links

It is a concept of give and take, you link to me and I will link back to you. Now it has no SEO value, but have value for referral click-through traffic.

Bad Neighborhoods

Never try to get links from bad neighbors, because if they will indulge in any black hat activities, then for sure Google will penalize you as well because you got a link from a bad man.


Link building strategies are not for implementing a black hat strategy, but it is for organizing your activities as such that it will not trigger red flag(search engines), and you will get quality and organic links for your website.