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Link Assistant

Welcome to the SEO Tutorials, and we are covering tools for seo, we already covered SEO spyglass, website auditor, rank tracker and today we will cover link assistant. Link building strategies have been a never to forget activity for each and every website. Because Search engines will trust websites that are having a high-quality of incoming links.

Why  Link Assistant

Let’s suppose you wish to start a blog or a website on the programming language or any niche on which you can write endlessly. But do you know, unfortunately “ writing a quality content is not enough for getting traffic, for that you need to build quality and organic links in thousands”.

And Link Assistant is a tool which will let you catch those people who are getting a huge traffic. Just be like them and get traffic like them.


Did you remember? In school days we used to copy from a brilliant student answer sheet, so that we could reach near by them or vice versa.

The Same thing will apply to link assistant, it will help you to get organic or genuine links like your competitors.

How it will help

Link Assistant is a tool, which will help you to get both Quantity and qualities of links. Let’s see how link assistant will help you:

LinkAssistant – Only Link building Software

LinkAssistant is the link building software to keep all your link management within one tool. Let’s see what it will do for you:

  • Find and Save – LinkAssistant will look at websites and will find out high quality relevant links and not only this, it will find the contact info to save your manual time.
  • Generate Link Directory – You can make a directory where you will put links and the important thing is you can arrange it by website topics. Yes, it will be search engine friendly too.
  • Faster uploading of your directory to the website.
  • Manage an incoming mail
  • It will make sure “ All your partners are linking back”.
  • Link Popularity – Link Assistant will let you monitor day by day links growth to control your work.

And many more features, It has countless features and I have just mentioned a few.

Note: If you have linkAssistant, then you need not to buy email client or an FTP program or a website  tool to complete your link development tasks.

Link Assistant – Easy to use

Yes, it is very easy to use and can perform your tasks in no time:

  • Can easily manage link partners
  • Can use variables to edit mail templates
  • Can send personalized link exchange requests.
  • Can easily create optimized link directories.
  • Can use other tools by LinkAssistant with more ease.

LinkAssistant – Provide Quality

Link Assistant will assist you in quality link exchange that will be good for your readers and search engine rankings as well.

Note: It is not like a link farm like other automatic generation of links.

LinkAssistant – Search Engine Friendly

Yes, we already discussed that LinkAssistant is a search engine friendly software.

LinkAssistant – Constant updates

Link Assistant has a team of professional, which monitors SEO world updates to provide same to their clients.

Note: It will work well on almost all operating systems, check the free edition to use for your Operating system.

Why Not to avoid Link Assistant

If you have a sound SEO  knowledge and can work on your blog all alone, then you can avoid LinkAssistant. But even after your expertise if you hit by the Google Panda or Penguine, then don’t avoid LinkAssistant. It is for you, if you:

  • Have a website, but not getting enough traffic.
  • Have done on-page or off-page SEO, but negligible traffic.
  • Are not aware of penalties by major search engines, Because you will get links from any source and once you will get a penalty, then don’t know what to do?
  • Are a new blog owner or a website owner.

LinkAssistant will help you to stay away from black hat activities, Let’s for example, if you will be hit by panda or penguin, then what? Obviously you will pay thousands of dollars to the expert to help you to come clean.
But, don’t you think you should take precaution either by yourself or using the Seo powersuite to avoid those heavy expenses. And the best part is you can try free edition of linkassistant, and then can go to purchase if you feel so.


We have just covered LinkAssistant and why to use it, in fact first use free edition, and trying free edition is best before going to purchase, just enjoy your link building tips and make organic links for your website.