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Keyword Density

Welcome to the SEO tutorials, we have seen how doing keyword research. Now it is very important to learn how to use those keywords, because overusing of keyword will let you face penalties and under use will let you out of reach from spider and hence your reader.  You should know the keyword density to be used in your article. We have already covered a few topics for On-page SEO, like:

If you have missed any tutorial, then use your time to check above topics. Today we will talk about keyword density, like:

  • What is keyword density.
  • How to calculate keyword density.
  • What to do?
  • What not to do?

Keyword density – Definition

It is a measurement of the percentage of the keyword phrases appeared on the page as compared to the total number of the words.

Note: Keyword density is one of the deciding factors in the appearance in the search results. If employed in a positive and efficient fashion, then you can reach near to your rivals.

Keyword Density – How to calculate?

Let’s see how we can calculate the keyword density.

Keyword density = Number of keywords used       X 100
                  Total number of words

It is the simple mathematics, just divide the number of times used target keywords by the total number of words and multiplies it to 100.

For example:

The number of times a specific keyword used = 12

Total number of words used in a post. = 400


Just divide 12 by 400 = 12/400 => 0.03


Multiply the result you have just got with 100. = 0.03 X 100 =>  3%

It means a keyword has been used 3% of the total words.

What to do?

  • Try to use target keywords for less than 3 %.
  • Use keywords in title, heading, sub-heading.
  • Just stick with the basics, because a good practice of Keywords will ensure the search engines attention.
  • Never forget to include keywords in the last paragraphs as well.

What not to do?

  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Avoid black hat SEO activities, other than keyword stuffing.


We have just covered keyword density, and how to calculate it. Never ask for trouble via black hat activities. If found guilty, then ready for penalty. The use of keyword will make or break your website. If you are looking for an organic traffic, then follow search engine guideline.

Note: Black Hat activities will give you short term pleasure. But it will hurt you in the near future, if found guilty. The only advice we will give our readers is ‘Work hard and hope for the best’.

Tips to remember

  • You can vary the use of keywords by the means of plurals, misspellings and Acronyms.
  • Even you can try similar words to avoid the keywords stuffing’s. Because keyword stuffing will trigger the red eyes of search engine spiders.