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JavaScript is a scripting language developed by Netscape to enable Web designers to design interactive sites. we already discussed that JavaScript in combination with “CSS” and “Html” will help in creating static or dynamic web designs.

Learn + Practice = Expert

You must have heard practice makes man perfect, here at sharplesson we will do the same.Just stick with the basics, ” learn it and practice it “. At SharpLesson you will get many chances to practice what you have learnt and that is why we are different and unique platform.

JavaScript Basics

  Basics for Beginners

Now we will first check the basics of JS, because for a newbie’s it is very important to start from the scratch. In case you have got the basic knowledge, then you can move to the next section of the JS tutorials.

 Objects – JavaScript

Basics of Objects

We have already seen the data types, now we will discuss objects in more details. At SharpLesson, we will see the quality of learning with easy to use examples.

  • Intro – Objects
  • Number –Learn why JavaScript has only one type to represent different types of the numbers.
  • Boolean – See the importance of the Boolean objects.
  • Strings – Learn to play with strings.
  • Arrays – Learn to implement multiple sets of value in a single variable name.
  • Date
  • Math – Learn to perform mathematical functions.
  • Regular expressions

Functions – JavaScript

Learn Functions and its uses

In this section of JS tutorials, we will see how we can use functions with or without parameters. In fact, we will see the use of a custom function as well.

  • Intro – Functions
  • Parameters
  • Invocation
  • Closures

 Document Object Model

Basics of DOM – JavaScript

  • Intro – DOM
  • Methods
  • Document
  • Elements
  • Html
  • CSS
  • Events
  • EventListener
  • Navigation
  • Nodes
  • NodeList

  Browser Object Model

Basics of BOM- JavaScript

  • Window
  • Screen
  • Location
  • History
  • Time Events

Cookies – JavaScript

 Basics of Cookies

  • Intro – Cookies
  • Function – Cookies
  • Examples

Cookies are important and, do go through it again.


Check the List

  • Objects – JavaScript
  • DOM Objects – Html