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JavaScript Definition

JavaScript is a simple and popular programming language that is built into web browsers. JavaScript is a prototype-based scripting language, it supports object-oriented and functional programming styles as well. It was a simple JavaScript definition, now we will try to understand the JavaScript definition in more details.

Learn javascript definition

JavaScript can be used with Html and CSS to make a DHTML( Dynamic HyperText Markup Language). This will allow you to make parts of your web pages appear or disappear or move around on the page.

JavaScript Definition

In Simple terms, JavaScript definition says, ” Use me fully with Html or CSS to make a simple web page into a dynamic page, which will be supported by all browser“.

 JavaScript Advantages

  • JavaScript can modify the Html page, write text in it, add or remove tags or change styles.
  • JavaScript can Get or Set cookies, display messages and ask for data.
  • JavaScript can execute code on events, like mouse clicks or movements, keyboard inputs etc.
  • Send requests to the server.

JavaScript Disadvantages

  • It cannot be used for networking applications and it is due to the lack of support.
  • You can not read or write to a file on client-side JavaScript and it is because of security. For example, will you allow web page to play with data on hard disk? yes, that is why this restriction is there.
  • No multiprocessing capabilities.

JavaScript Development tools

To practice your knowledge, always try to use a simple text editor, like notepad. But if you wish to use the more advance tool, then you can use any of these.

  • Microsoft FrontPage: It is a Html editor but it also supports javascript tools to assist in the creation of a dynamic web site.
  • Notepad++: A free windows source code editor, it can be used for editing JavaScript. If you are using windows, then Notepad++ is a  good for developing a JavaScript application.
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver Mx: It has many prebuilt JavaScript Components, many professional web developers use it for quality web application.

In JavaScript definition, we have covered everything that you should know. This is an introduction part so has to be short and simple to understand.

Note: JavaScript has the bright and compatible future, but if you will integrate it with flash or Java, then you can fire with both hands.