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Importance of blog post

You tell me, what does perfect means? . The Debate is on, but if you will take my view, then I would say “ perfect means, least chances for error”. Same way if you are a blogger or new to blogging platform, then it is very important to get perfection in your work. Writing a perfect blog post is not important for those who are blogging for fun or a hobby, but it is important for those, who want to make money from it. As I already said to me, blog post is without or less error and we will learn how to get best of perfection.


At SharpLesson, you will see the art of writing best and perfect  blog post with ease. Let us understand the meaning of perfect post with these visual examples:

Look at this picture and tell me, which one is a clean and perfect work as per you. Would you like to give your visitors view like Untidy work or Neat and clean work. It is quite obvious, you will go for neat and tidy work. For sure, you will try your best, but the question is? Is your effort is towards  creating a quality content or to get a traffic? . Both are same in some ratio, but quality content is a king in the web world, do try to stick with the basics and you will get the traffic automatically.

Write a Perfect blog post

Let’s see, what we can do to write good blog post:

  • Choose a niche topic.
  • Create a layout for your post ( content, image, examples and etc).
  • Do keyword research for your topic.
  • Write SEO friendly blog post.
  • Write eye catcher title.
  • Write impressive and catchy lines in first paragraph
  • Write a sub heading to force your visitors to read the next section.
  • Create a call to action button to indulge your visitors

Now let us try to understand it with an example:



Now, if you will write  an organized article, your site will get a low bounce rate and you will win your users vote as well, in terms of like, subscription or any other social ways.

Let us understand above image with examples.


Why heading is important for writing better blog post?. Put on your visitor’s shoe and tell me, if you will see impressive title, then will you read it or not? For example, see below topic and tell me, which one will be your choice to read.


Learn how to write a blog?


Learn how to make $1000 from a blog.

Most probably you will go for a second example, but an exception will go for example1 as well. Trust me, we can not take exceptions as an example. It means heading will play an important role.


After reading your blog post heading, As a visitor, what will you prefer? Extensive reading or precise content with visual information?. Yes, your visitor will want the same, try to explain your point in a structured way and with short explanation. Your explanation should include relevant image, bold or bullet text and to the point text.


After your heading, subheading is a point which will make your reader to read further. Make your reader to move down to the content of subheading, if you will do that then your job is done. After main content if your visitor reads further that means he wants to know more about your topic. Here you can engage your users with call to action button. And you are on right track of ” writing clean and clear blog post”.

Note: You can have more than one relevant subheading and write content accordingly.


This is the most important part of your blog post, if you have raised your visitors pulse to take a decision then bingo for you. He/she will do one of the things:

  • Take action
  • Bookmark for later
  • Subscribe to your blog
  • Share or like it.