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Importance of Html template

An Html template is just like filling the blanks, which we did many times in our school or entrance exams. Html templates are like question paper, where answer’s to be filled.  In technical term , it is a pre-built website composed of Html pages. The end user will plugs their information, text and images into the pre-built design.

Let us understand the template by using an visual example:

We used our own web template to show the use of html template and see, how easy to use a website template. We filled the blank field and created a website, which you are using now.

Why to use html template

  • Good for non-technical person: You need not to  know coding or to use technical stuff. Just fill in the blanks with the appropriate information.
  • Professional look to a website: Html templates are made by expert web developers and, they do know, how to give professional look to a website. Most of the web hosts provide free online website builder tools with many features.
  • Cheaper than hiring a website designer: Html template is for free to use, it will save your money for web designing. Now you will have to pay for a web host and domain registration only.
  • SEO friendly: Most of the search engines can interpret the Html code and that is why it is easier for a website to get indexed.

 Free Html template

If you are planing for a website then don’t pay for web design and get the best web host for you. We have mentioned few sites, which gives free website templates to use.

  • opendesigns
  • all-free-download
  • templated
  • freewebsitetemplates
  • tooplate