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Importance of favicons

A favicon is a short for Favorite icon, it is also known as shortcut icon, tab icon or bookmark icon. favicons are the icon that you will see, beside a website. Let us understand it with simple example:


Now you must have understood, what are favicon and where you will find it. In the above picture, two websites are having their favicon icon and middle one is not having a favicon icon. You will see this icon in a bookmarked folder as well.

How to create favicons

There are many online tools available for the creation of favicons and you can use any to create beautiful images.

It is really very simple to generate, your favicon. Follow the instruction and you will get your icon.

Note: You can create your own, customized favicon icon as well. But if we will get it without any effort then why to go for time consuming efforts.

Why to use favicons

There are quite interesting reason to use favicon icons, and webmasters will surely go for it.

  • Create favicon to make your own brand
  • Visitors will easily recognize you.
  • It will give you a professional look.
  • It will differentiate your website from your competitor.

 Effective Favicons

A best and common practice is to have your favicons be a scaled down version of your business logo. Some times it is not possible to use your logo as a favicon, because of low pixel. In case, if this the scenario, then use character’s and shapes to make your favicons. To make it short and simple, you can use the initials of your company, name or website.