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Hotlink Protection

Welcome to the web hosting tutorial, we already covered  php version and today we will discuss the Hotlink protection. It is a very important feature of web hosting companies to have, before covering the Hotlink protection, do you know what is a hot link? And why you want to protect it? Don’t worry we will cover everything in a quality at sharplesson.

What is Hotlink

Let’s understand it with practical example:You visited a website and you liked their quality images, and you want to have in your own blog or website. Now what you will do is copy the complete image url and you will use in your website.

Now what you did is you have not just used the image from that website, but also you are stealing that website bandwidth. Don’t you think this is bad practice to do? And this process is called Hotlinking or Hotlink.

What is Hotlink protection

Now the same thing can happen to you as well, so to avoid such things to happen or to avoid Hotlink, you can activate Hot link protection. Many web hosting companies provide hotlink protection in their cpanel. If you are new and want quality webhost  then Hostgator, Dreamhost  and Bluehost is a quality choice for you.

Note: if you are a technical person or aware of .htaccess file, then can enable hotlink protection manually.

Importance of Hotlink Protection

If you will activate your Hot link protection, then it will help you at least in two ways:

  • Can protect your images or videos from stealing
  • It will save your bandwidth theft as well.

If you want to start your blog, then the Web hosting companies that provide Hot link Protections are:


We have covered a quality topic on protecting images or videos, and if you are not sure about other features, then go through web hosting tutorial. Never forget to enable hotlink protection provided by your web host.