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Hostgator coupon code

Welcome to the web hosting tutorials, and today we will discuss about the Hostgator coupon code. We have been asked by our reader’s about the best web hosting providers, and especially those who will give discounts as well. We have hosted sharplesson on the Hostgator, and we are quite happy with their services as well. This is the reason why we have decided to take Hostgator as our top three web hosting service providers. As we are promoting the Hostgator, and therefore as an affiliate we can provide Hostgator coupon code to our reader’s.

Update: Get 65% discount using our Hostgator promo code.Only for 27th,28th,29th and 30th of November -2015.

Hostgator Coupon code – Why Hostgator?

Hostgator has been awarded by the international awards, and rewarded by its user itself. Beside this, you will get:

  • Trusted brand
  • 24 by 7 customer support.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited web space.
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee.
  • Full refund if not satisfied with the services.
  • Lots of ad-ons which are free.
  • Unlimited email account.
  • 1 click install.
  • WordPress hosting.
  • Unlimited database

There is lot many features that you get from the top rated web hosting brand called Hostgator, like sub-domains, parked domains, Google adwards of $100 and free setup etc.

Hostgator Coupon Code – Choose any

We have few best Hostgator coupon code, and you can choose your relevant one.

  • SHARPLESSON25 – Avail 25% off on any web hosting.
  • SharpLesson1cent – first month in just 1 cent.
  • $9.94 off on any order – Sharplesson$9.94off
  • 99% off for one month –OneMonth99%off

Hostgator coupon code – Let’s compare it

Now in this section we will see how Hostgator coupon code by sharplesson will save you money as compared to the same normal plan by the Hostgator.

Hostgator Coupon Code – SHARPLESSON25

Hatchling Plan

The Hatchling plan is best for those who are new to the online world, and want to focus on one niche website. For you people it is the best plan to take, and let’s check how sharplesson will help you guys.

Duration  Pricing   Hostgator disc   SHARPLESSON25

12 month  $123.34   $106.66 ($16.68) $102.49 ($20.85)

24 month  $182.74   $154.18 ($28.56) $147.04 ($35.70)

36 month  $218.14   $182.50 ($35.64) $173.59 ($44.55)


  • If you will go for the 12 month plan, then instead of paying $123.34, you have to just pay $102.49. The funny part is we at sharplesson will give you more discount as compared to the Hostgator. Since we are promoting Hostgator, and that is why we are allowed to give more discounts using Hostgator Coupon code.
  • If you will go for 24 month plan, then instead of paying $182.74, you have to just pay $147.04. It means you will save $35.70 for the same plan. Again, for our reader’s, we have this SHARPLESSON25 Hostgator coupon code to avail more benefits.
  • If you will go for 36 month plan, then instead of paying $218.14, you have to just pay $173.59. And you will get a $44.55 discount, and again, you can get more discount using our Hostgator coupon code.

Baby plan

If you have plans to create multiple websites, then you can go for baby plan. You will get unlimited bandwidth, and space to exercise at best. Let’s see what we have for our reader’s here:

Duration  Pricing  Hostgator discount  SHARPLESSON25

12 month  $159.34  $135.46 ($23.8)    $129.49 ($29.8)

24 month  $254.74  $211.78 ($42.96)   $201.04 ($53.7)

36 month  $326.14  $268.90 ($57.24)   $254.59 ($71.5)


  • The 12 month plan will save you $29.85, if you will use Hostgator coupon code by sharplesson. Because instead of paying $159.34, you have to just pay $122.49. The best part is our reader will get more benefits, because you will get more discount as compared to the discount given by the Hostgator itself.
  • If you will use Hostgator coupon code by sharplesson , then the 24 month plan will save you $53.70,. Because instead of paying $254.74, you have to just pay $201.04. Again, SHARPLESSON25 will yield you more saving as compared to the Hostgator discount.
  • The 36 month plan, will help you in saving $71.55, it simply means that instead of paying $326.14, you have to just pay $254.59. You can clearly see the table, again we are ahead of the Hostgator discount coupon.

Business plan

You can use a business plan for the business purpose, like you will get a free toll free number, unique IP address, and private SSL. If you are planning for ecommerce or want to sell product or services, then SSL is good to have. Let’s see what we will offer you:

Duration   Pricing  Hostgator discount  SHARPLESSON25

12 month   $219.34  $183.46 ($35.8)   $174.49 ($44.8)

24 month   $374.74  $307.78 ($66.9)   $291.04 ($83.7)

36 month   $506.14  $412.90 ($93.2)   $389.59 (116.5)

Benefits of using this Hostgator coupon code:

  • Save $44.85 by using SHARPLESSON25 discount coupon. It means you have to pay $174.49 for 12 months, instead of paying $219.34. In the above table you can see, the difference of the discount given by the Hostgator, and sharplesson.
  • You can save $83.70 using coupon by the sharplesson. It means you have to pay $291.04 for 24 months, instead of paying $374.74. Again, we are giving more discounts to our reader.
  • The 36 month plan will let you save $116.55 by using discount coupons. You have to pay $389.59, instead of paying $506.14.

Note: You can use above Hostgator Coupon code for getting Hostgator plans at 25% off, here.

Hostgator Coupon Code – SharpLesson1cent

The SharpLesson1cent coupon code will let you test the Hostgator. Let’s say for example, you already had a bitter taste of the worst web hosting services, then why not to test the World’s best web hosting service provider? Yes, you will get a complete plan in just $0.01 cent, it means you have to pay a cent, and you will own your fully functional website. In case, you will not like the services, then you can avoid continuing the services. The important thing to note is, if a web host saying that try our service for one cent, then you can understand the confidence level of the No.1 hosting provider.

Plan/Duration Pricing    Discount   SharpLesson1cent

Hatchling/1 m* $8.95   $7.96($1.99)      $0.01

Baby/1 m*      $9.95   $7.96($1.99)      $0.01

Business/1 m*  $14.95  $11.96($2.99)     $05.01

Benefits of using this Hostgator coupon code:

The upfront benefit is, you can test the quality at $0.01, and for sure it is the best deal for anyone who is looking to start the website or want to create a blog.

Note: 1 m* is 1 month, and you will get discount for only one month.

Sign up for the Hostgator at $0.01 plan, and use Hostgator coupon code.

Hostgator Coupon Code – SharpLesson1cent

You will get $9.94 discount on any order, by using the same ‘SharpLesson1cent’ Hostgator coupon code. You can purchase any of these plans, and use this coupon to get $9.94 discount on that order.

  • Hatchling Plan
  • Baby Plan
  • Business Plan

Let’s say for example, if you will go for the hatchling plan for 12 months, and you will have to pay $83.40. Instead of paying  $83.40, you have to pay $73.46. It means you will almost get the $10 discount.

Hostgator Coupon Code – How to use our Coupon

Yes, it is a very important thing, because Hostgator already has their discount offer, like SNAPPY  or dotcomsuperdeal, and if you will continue with the same, then you will get a discount of 20% by the Hostgator that we already mentioned. Now you have to replace that code with the any of the discount coupons mentioned by us. Let’s understand it in steps:

Step 1: You have to see first.

Step 2: From the top menu bar, select the web hosting option.

Step 3: Now  you will see different plans, first decide whether you want to go for the hatchling plan, baby plan or the business plan. And click on the relevant plan’s sign up button.

Step 4: This is an important step, Fill the relevant details like domain name, package type, billing info, add additional services (optional) and just reach to the 5th number.

Step 5: This is the place where you will use Hostgator coupon code, provided by the Sharplesson. Here you will see, Hostgator already has some code entered, and here you can see the smartness of the  Hostgator. If you will use, their discount coupon, then you will get 20%, and if you wish to get 25%, then enter the any of our discount coupons to avail the benefit, as you will see the difference when you will enter the Hostgator coupon code by sharplesson.

Step 6: To check our discount coupon validity, just hit the validate button, and you will see the difference of the savings, you can get an upfront idea whose coupon will give you more benefits.

Step 7: The last step is to click the checkout button and you are done with the discount option.


We have just covered the Hostgator coupon code, and how to use it to avail the benefits. We at sharplesson believes in a quality and that is why promoting a quality web hosting, so that you can create a blog in just 4 minutes, and not only this, you can use our Hostgator coupon code to get the maximum benefits.