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High Pr Social Bookmarking Sites

Welcome to the new topic by sharplesson, we already covered high pr backlinks from forums. Today we will cover high pr social bookmarking sites, before jumping on the topic tell me do you know what is social bookmarking sites definition? Let’s see it first and gradually we will move to our main topic of social bookmarking sites with high pr.


Social bookmarking sites defintion

We at sharplesson believe’s in practical term, so let’s understand it with real example. Did you remember? In your school days you must have marked important pages with some sort of sign, like:

  • You must have folded pages of a book to mark it as an important.
  • Must have colored a paragraph or a line to mark it as an important.
  • You must have used some prop (pen or pencil) to start from where you left.

But what will happen when you will find the interesting stuff on the internet? You can’t use what you were using in your school or college days. Yes right, the High pr social bookmarking sites will help you to do that even on the internet, you can bookmark your favorite web pages to access from any computer.

In technical terms, social bookmarking sites with high pr will help you to add, write, edit or share your bookmarked web pages.

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Why social bookmarking sites with high Pr Only?

social bookmarking sites with high PR will not only help you to bookmark your favorites, but it will help bloggers or website owners  in many ways. Let’s see how it will help the webmasters:

  • Traffic – Being a blogger, if you will effectively use social bookmarking sites, then no doubt you will get your target audience in quantity.
  •  Popularity – If your content will be liked by real people, then your website/blog will get popularity by default. Because social bookmarking sites has been used or edited by real people and if your website will catch their eyes, then your content will be liked, shared, and networked many times.
  • Link Building – yes right, If somebody will bookmark or you will create a profile there, then for sure you will get back links whether do follow or no follow.
  • PageRank – You can improve your presence in search results by building quality links to your website. If your website has organic links and the quality contents, then for sure you will rise and rise with the time passes.

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High Pr Social Bookmarking Sites List for SEO

Now we will see the list of social bookmarking site that will help you to get above-said points.

Website                                                                       Rank

Pinterest                                                                       9

Reddit                                                                           8

Stumbleupon                                                             8

citeulike                                                                       8

delicious                                                                        8

Scoop                                                                             7

Fark                                                                                 7

BibSonomy                                                                     7

Newsvine                                                                        7

Digg                                                                                 7

Slashdot                                                                          7

linkarena                                                                         7

Plurk                                                                               7

Technorati                                                                      7

Diigo                                                                                7

Google – Bookmark                                                        7

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We have just covered information about high pr social bookmarking sites and the social bookmarking sites list that will help you to boost your blog in terms of traffic, links and rank.

Never forget the important thing, Google will not tolerate spam activities or link creation for just the purpose of getting back links.