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Congrats, for your new website and being a new website owner you must have heard about backlinks? And that is why you landed on high pr backlinks list by sharplesson. Yes, it is very important to get quality and organic backlinks else Search engine will penalize your website. Do you know what is high pr backlinks? Or you just want it because your mentor or search said this? Don’t worry, you will get precise and helpful information for you. Let us understand it with practical example.

Look at the above picture, which will give a fruit earlier, a tree or a small plant? The Simple answer is a tree, Same way if we will focus on high pr backlinks then it will result in good traffic and page rank as compared to low pr backlinks.

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What is high pr backlinks

It is nothing but a link which you will get from a high page rank website. It is a kind of juice, which will transfer to your website, if it is dofollow backlinks. It is a perception that nofollow is not use full at all, but it will play handy role.

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Why only high pr backlinks

You tell me, will you go for the brand or anything will do for you? Same way if you will get a quality backlinks from a high pr sites, then only it will save your time and will give you a quality results.

I have personally examined and lined up for you, trust me it took time to test a website and you will see it. One more thing, I have listed forums or website for multiple niche like marketing, games, web design and general discussion. So try to go for relevant forum.

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Do you know how high pr backlinks will help you?  But before that I want you to check few high pr backlinks site and experience how they will help you.



List of high pr backlinks

Page Rank 9

Page rank 8

Page rank 7

Page rank 6

Page rank 5

Page rank 4

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How High pr backlinks will help you

Now you must have gone through some registration in any of these high pr backlinks site. If not then first try at least one, else you will not clear what I am trying to say. If you have noticed , there are many websites, they will not allow direct dofollow backlinks and for that you need to do the following things:

  • To get active signature, you need to post on a regular basis.
  • Some of the websites have point or other trophy system, get it and then can use your signature.
  • Have patience and read the rules for that website or forum.
  • Not always link answer to your website, try to give true suggestion and relevant links.

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Don’t for high pr backlinks:

  • Never put links in the very first post or comments.
  • Never violate their rules else you will be banned.
  • Do not try to edit or post(others post) without privilege.
  • Do not try to spam by doing speed posting.

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Enjoy your visit to these high pr baclinks website and try to get genuine links else search engines are there to put penalty. We have just covered websites having page ranks from 5-9, because getting 100 pr backlinks is equal to 1 high pr backlinks.