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Gov Backlinks

Welcome to the link building strategies tutorial. We have already covered how to get edu backlinks.Today we will talk about the Gov backlinks and its importance. The Gov backlinks will give you high authority link juice, if the link is dofollow backlink. The calculation is very simple, 1 Gov back link is equal to 100 high PR backlinks from the websites. You will not get Gov backlinks so easily, it is a hard nut to crack. For new bloggers or who want to create blogs for a career, we have decided to write a small introduction. In this tutorial, you will see:

  • What are Gov backlinks?
  • Importance of Gov backlinks.
  • How to get Gov back links.
  • List of Gov back links.
  • Cons of Gov backlinks.

What are Gov backlinks?

If you are a blogger or a website owner who want to improve his search presence, then you will require the dofollow or nofollow backlinks. If you will get dofollow link, then bingo otherwise nofollow is also helpful to improve your page ranking.

The Gov backlinks are nothing but a way of getting a link from government websites. We need edu backlinks or Gov backlink to improve the domain and page authority of our website.

Importance of Gov backlinks

The search engines want the trusted website to serve in a search result. In fact, you have to get the trust of search engines as well as visitors. If you will get high quality relevant back links, then you will be considered by the search engine spiders. To get the trust of your visitor, you need to be a loyal. Just work on the real, and unique content of yours.



How to get Gov backlinks

Well, it is the most important part. Apart from the list mentioned below, you can try:

  • Impress Government Authorities – Just do some buttering or try to put a real positive picture of a politician or work done by them in your articles. Just let them know about your doing, probably you will get a chance to hit the government links jackpot.
  • Government Contract – If you or any of your family member or relative will get a chance to work for them. It will automatically give you a chance by getting backlinks from the press release or an internal setting sometimes will yield you a link.
  • Comments – Many government sites have allowed comments section in their blog. If you will get a chance, then try to hit but not spam. Because spiders are ready to penalize you.
  • Export government – Yes, if you are not getting enough opportunity in your home country. It is better to move to foreign countries. Simply export the relevant links from foreign countries.

Gov backlinks – List

Now, in this section you will see some high authority government website list. Try your luck to get at least 2 backlinks.

Note: We will update this list as per the availability. You can bookmark us or revisit for a new set of government website lists.

Cons  of Gov backlinks

It is not any easy task to get a government links. If you will succeed, then bingo for you, else try to get relevant backlinks.


We have just finished the Gov backlinks, its importance, value and list. If you will get backlinks from government, then avoid spamming. Because you don’t want to be banned from the website itself or by the search engines.