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Google Adsense Sign up

Welcome to the Google adsense tutorials. We have already covered Google Adsense, and its importance. In case you have missed it, then do read it first, because you will get to know the pros and cons of the Google adsense. Today we will see how to go for successful Google adsense sign up. We have been asked many times, why they are lost after Google adsense sign up. Many have asked why they are rejected by google and etc. So finally we have decided to show you, what all things you need to follow while Google adsense sign up.

Just bear with us, and understand why we cannot ignore the importance of filling the Google adsense sign up application. It has three steps to create adsense account:

  • Create/choose Google account
  • Tell us about your content
  • Submit your adsense application

Yes, just these three steps, and you are getting your adsense account. Now let’s discuss the above said points in detail to understand it in a better way.

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Google Adsense Sign up – Step1                                      

Choose Account

If you want to use your existing Google account, then you can use it to create adsense account. In case, you want to create a separate account for Google adsense, then create a new one. In fact, you can use your existing one, don’t worry, it will not affect any of your Gmail, ad words or YouTube workings.

Note: You need to be at least 18 before applying for Google adsense.

Google Adsense Sign up – Step2

Tell us about your content

This is the second step. Here, you have to mention two important information’s. Let’s check what those information’s are:

  • Website – Here, you have to mention, website details on which you want to show the ads.
  • Content language – Here, you have to choose the language used by you on your website.

After filling the correct information, just click the continue button, that you will see in the bottom left of the page.

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Google Adsense Sign up – Step3

Submit application

This is the last step where you need to fill the details, and here the details will be:

Country – In which country do you live? Or you are applying from which country.

Time zone – You need to select the time zone that is applicable to your country.

Account type – If you own your blog, and then choose as an individual. If you have a company and it is all about business, then choose Business.

Payee Name – Here, you have to mention the payee name, who will be authorized to receive the check or bank transfer by the Google. Never forget to mention name as it is in your bank details.

Street Address – Now, here be specific, if you have the house number, or street address, just mention only that.

City/town – Here, you mention the city you belong.

Phone – Always mention the number which is in use, and not having any issues regarding the voice problem or other technical things.

Once you will feel that you have mentioned the precise details, and don’t want any correction. Just hit the submit application form.

Google Adsense Sign up – Final Process

Now, if your website is having the potential, then you will clear their two step review process. Let’s see what those two processes are:

  • First review – If you will clear your first review, then you will receive a mail from an adsense. It will be your first mail after submitting your Google adsense sign up application form. This mail will ask you to create ad unit, and place it to your website.
  • Second review – This is the final step, where Google adsense will send you a congratulation mail. After receiving this mail, you will see active ad units on your website after a few hours.

Now, you can monetize your blog with Google adsense. Enjoy, and learn more about the next step after Google adsense approval.

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We have just covered Google adsense sign up, and its way to follow. The adsense is a much effective way to monetize your blog/website. Just follow Google’s guidelines and see your blog as a successful blog.