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Google Adsense Policy

Welcome to the Google Adsense tutorials. We have started Adsense tutorial to help new bloggers to monetize their blog. It is very unfortunate that many have been banned by Google Adsense for making false activities or not following the Google Adsense policy. Why we said unfortunate? Because Adsense is a quality way to monetize our blog. But, due to lack of patience or just wanted to become rich from blogging, many people had been banned by Google.

In case, you don’t want to be banned, then just remember one thing, and it is to follow the Google Adsense policy. This one thing will change your life of blogging without selling anything. In case your blog is receiving high traffic, then you can look for the best Google Adsense alternative too. But Google is still a giant in a CPC ad network. We already covered the two very important topics of the Google Adsnese:

  • What is Google Adsense (complete information)?
  • How to go for Google Adsense sign up?

If you missed the above said topics, then do make sure you will give a time after reading the Google Adsense policy. Otherwise, you will lose the very basic point to be got approved.

Google Adsense policy

Let’s see what are those Google Adsense policy that we should follow:

No invalid clicks/Impressions – you cannot use softwares or manual force to generate clicks and impression. In case, if you are doing, then stop it, otherwise Google will penalize you for violating the Google Adsense Policy.

Never ask to clicks – Never ask your readers to click your ads. Because many bloggers did this, and as a result, they got high clicks. But it hurts Advertisers of the Google, and the result was the lifetime ban for those bloggers. This violation of the Google Adsense policy is not to be excused.

No ads on prohibiting content – You can’t put ads on the content, which is prohibited by the Google. For example, you can’t put Google Adsense on adult sites, sites that are defamed for violence and the site which is doing racial activities.

No ads on copyright materials – You can’t put Adsense ads on the copyrighted materials. You can display the ads, but only when you have legal rights in that copyright material. Again, this Google adsense policy violation will put you in bad list.

No ads on gambling sites – If your blog is all about gambling, then forget about Google Adsense approval. Because, Google has restricted the Adsense ad placement on such sites.

Privacy page – You must disclose any sort of information sharing or data collection reason. In fact, if you are an affiliate, then need to mention the affiliate disclosure as well. During the review, if google will not find any privacy page, then probably your Google Adsense application will be rejected.

Ad placement – You should not place ads in pop ups, emails and software’s. If found guilty, then probably you need to look for other monetization ways.

Ad unit limit – You can display just 3 ad units, 3 link units, and two search boxes only. If you will use more, then probably you are eligible for a straight ban from the Google.

No hidden text/links – Strictly avoid the use of the hidden text/links. Because it is not even good for SEO as well.

Easy navigation – If you want to be approved by the Google Adsense, then make sure your site’s navigation system is so easy, that a new reader can move smoothly. Never try to redirect or use pop ups that will create problems for the users.

No tricky traffic – You cannot place ads on the pages, which are not getting an organic traffic.

Note: In case, you want to see the full detailed Google Adsense policy, then Google itself is a good place to describe the policies.


We have just covered Google Adsense policy. Just visit google policies to check more in details, because we could have missed the updates or any other points that will harm your website later. In short, just follow the guidelines and be happy as a blogger.