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Google Adsense Approval

Welcome to the Google adsense tutorials, we have already discussed many important things about Google adsense. In case this is your first visit, then never forget to learn about the other parts of the Google adsense tutorials. Today we will discuss “How to get Google adsense approval in one attempt”.

We have started Google adsense tutorial, because we have received many queries from our readers to guide them in the proper do’s and Don’ts for adsense. The Google ad network is a best way to monetize your blog/website, and that is why many want to be get approved by adsense program. In the Google Asense approval topic, we will cover two most important points:

  • Reason for the rejection.
  • Google adsense approval tips.

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The above said points are very important to learn. You need to follow it from the Google adsense sign up to the Google adsense policy.

Google Adsense approval is denied?

First, we will discuss why Google adsense approval is hard to be seen by many bloggers? Why they are rejected many times? What they are lacking? We will see every possible reason for a rejection.

Less Content – We have seen many webmasters have faced rejection, just because of the insufficient content. Let’s say for example, if you have just 8 to 10 posts only, then how come you are looking for Google adsense approval?

Copyright violation – The most common reason is the violation of a copyright. If you are using an image or any other content on your website, which is someone else property, then how come you expect a Google adsense approval? Let’s say for example, if someone using your house or personal stuff without your permission, then will you tolerate this? Google will not, because they give value to their advertisers and don’t want to put them in trouble.

Domain Age – Yes, it matters for Asian countries, they need to at least wait for 6 months. If they will apply before that, then you will be rejected up front on the basis of the Domain Age.

Low quality content – If your content is below the quality, then neither your reader nor Google will like this.

Duplicate content – If your website is duplicating content or copied content, then your application will be rejected by the adsense program.

Adult sites – If your website is having adult contents, then forget about Google Adsense approval. Because, adsense program is not for a porn site.

Too many ads – If you already have ads on your website, or after Google adsense approval if you will put more than 3 ad units, then you will be banned by the Google.

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Google Adsense Approval Tips

Let’s check what are those things you should do before applying for the Google Adsense program.

Write quality content – Yes, write unique and a relevant quality content. This will hold your existing readers, and probably your unique and quality content will give you more referral as well. The other benefit is, it will give weight age to your application.

Easy navigation – If a user can find your content easily, then it is a good and a plus point for you. Because google considers website design as well for the Google adsense approval.

Must to have pages – If you want Google adsense approval, then you need to have fewer pages. Like, Privacy policy, about us, Contact us, and Disclosure pages.

Eligibility criteria – You need to clear their eligibility criteria, in very simple term you need to be 18 or more at the time of applying.

Age – If you are a new, then work on the quality of your blog. Once you will write quality articles, then apply for Google adsense. In fact, countries like china or Indian, google have put 6 month waiting period. Just take it in a positive manner and work on a quality.

Minimum post – There is not as such specified number, but yes, you need to have at least a count for a Google. Because before Google adsense approval, they will review your website. Give them a proper reason to approve you as an adsense publisher. At least have 40 quality articles written by you.

Third party ads – Remove every banner or any third party ads, because you should let feel Google that you have given preference to Google over other ad networks, whether pay per impression or pay per click ad networks.

Sitemap – It doesn’t matter whether you want a Google adsense approval or not. Because sitemap is a must to have a thing for any reason. Before applying for the adsense program, if you will have submitted a sitemap to major search engines, then it will let them crawl your site quite easily.

Create a robots.txt file – The robots.txt file will let you stop spiders to crawl an unwanted pages. In fact, it will help you in many ways, just check our detailed solution for you guys. Even you can use a robots text file to include sitemap as well.

Traffic – It is not at all a major or important point, but if you could manage at least 30 pageviews a day. Then it will ease your way for the approval. Because ads are meant to view, and if your website lacks in this, then who will see Google ads on your website? It is a logical thing, and I am sure you will agree with it.

Avoid Banned topics – If you want a Google adsense approval, then you need to avoid topics like, adult contents, racism, violence or any topic that will affect the community.

Google adsense policy – If you will follow Google like an obedient blogger, then the probability will go high for Google adsense approval.

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We have shown you the if’s and but’s of the Google adsense approval. In case you already got the approval, then congrats and avoid violating Google adsense policies. Just enjoy Google adsense to full extent in a decent way. If you are a new blogger, then never come in a bad list of the Google.