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Google Adsense Alternatives

Welcome to the Google Adsense tutorials. We have already discussed many things about the Google Adsense. You have landed to Google Adsense alternatives, because of the two reasons:

  • Google Adsense application has been rejected.
  • Google Adsense has banned you.

There is a third possibility as well, like you have been told by your friends that Google Adsense approval is hard to get or vice versa. But trust me, Google Adsense earnings can help you to earn pocket money. In fact, making money with Adsense will turn you into a self dependent person. The only problem with the Google is, they cannot tolerate spam activities. If you have been banned from the Google Adsense program, then you are the one who is responsible for this. Probably, because of it you are looking for, Google Adsense alternatives.

Let’s not discuss Google Adsense, because you are Google Adsense alternatives. Probably you will not miss Google Adsense, because there is a good option available for you guys. So three cheers for the Google Adsense alternatives that will help you to monetize your blog. If you have decent blog traffic, then probably you will make good income.

Google Adsense Alternatives – List

Revenue Hits

Revenue hits is a performance based (cost per action) contextual ad network. It can be used in many ways:

  • Display ads – Choose your banner ads to display on your blog/website.
  • Text ads – You can use text ads, along with display ads to improve blog revenue.
  • Pop ups/unders – If you will add popups, then it will boost your revenue.
  • Apps/widget – you can earn money from your own apps or widgets.

sign up as a revenuehits publisher to monetize your blog.


If you have good blog traffic, then you can look for the BuySellAds as a Google Adsense alternatives. It is a bit different than other ad networks. You can sell or buy ad space on blog/websites using BuySellAds. You can expect high paying ad units from BuySellads.

Sign up as a BuySellAds publisher to monetize your blog.

Direct Advertisement

Yes, you can go for the direct advertisement option. If your blog has a quality page ranking either in Alexa or in Google, then probably it will help you to attract advertisers. The direct ads option will give you full share without any cut to the third party or the mediator.

Note: You need to have quality blog traffic, in case you want to go for a direct advertisement.

Sell Products/Services

If your niche allows you create a relevant product or provide services and in return charge something, then probably it is the best option to monetize your blog, and hence it will be a best Google Adsense alternatives as well.

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Note: Provide your services at a reasonable or cheap price, later you can set amount as per the work.

Paid Review Websites

It can be considered as a Google Adsense alternatives, why? Because you will be paid to review a product or services. In fact, many bloggers making good money from it. The only thing to consider is, just review the relevant product, else it will irritate your reader and the search engines as well.

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The media net is the yahoo! Bing network contextual ads. It doesn’t matter how big your reputation is, you will get the best option for your slot. The only problem with Media net is that they don’t entertain the low traffic website.

Sign up as a media net publisher to monetize your blog.

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The best part of the Qadabra is immediate approval. In very simple terms, just sign up and you will be approved by the Qadabra. According to the Qadabra, they will provide high performing ads to let you earn more eCPM.

Sign up as a Qadabra publisher to monetize your blog.


The Chitika is a good option for the blog traffic that are low in counts. You can consider it as a Google Adsense alternatives because of:

  • You can choose ad types.
  • The payment threshold is very low as compared to other ad networks.
  • Associated with yahoo ad networks.

Sign up as a  Chitika publisher to monetize your blog.


In fact, you can use infolinks along with the Google Adsense as well. You will be given 4 ways to monetize your blog by the infolinks:

  • Intext ads – it will not at all affect Google Adsense policies, because it will underline the keywords, and if readers will click on it, then bingo for you.
  • Infold ads – It will show the relevant ads as per the keywords searched by the readers. It will again shrink down so that it will not bother your readers.
  • Inframe ads– It will be shown in the sidebar of the website.
  • Intag ads – It will be seen like a tag, either a single or double line tag.

It is not a Google Adsense Alternatives, because you can use it with Adsense as well.

Sign up as a Infolinks publisher to monetize your blog.


It is good for everyone, no boundation of traffic as such. The Bidvertiser is a pay per click ad network, but it is good for new blogger and that is why we have added in the list. You will be paid for valid clicks and conversion.

Sign up as a Bidvertiser publisher to monetize your blog.


Clicksor is a contextual ad network that will display the relevant ads to your websites. You can say Clicksor is a better Google Adsense alternatives, because you can earn money through the referral commission as well. For example, if your referred publisher will make any amount, you will get 10% of its earning.  They will pay on the net15 basis, it means they will pay you after every 15 days.

Sign up as a publisher to monetize your blog.

Amazon affiliates

The Amazon affiliates are not based on cost per click, it is a performance based network. You can consider the Amazon affiliates as Google Adsense alternatives. It is quite easy to implement in just three steps:

  • Step1 – Just advertise products on your website.
  • Step2 – Visitors will click on the links.
  • Step3- Earn money on any product sale, irrespective of ads.

The best part of the Amazon affiliates are, whatever product the visitor will buy after visiting your link, you will be given credit for that sale.

Sign up as a publisher to monetize your blog.

The B4PSAds are performance based and pay per click ad network. The B4PSAds can be considered as a Google Adsense alternatives. Because according to them, they will offer bonus on clicks that will turn into sales or business.

Sign up as a B4PSAds publisher to monetize your blog.


The best part of the skimlinks is, it will not require any advertising or banner ads. It will work on the keywords or a product related links. It will just show the relevant links to the retailer, that your readers will not mind. You can use it on any niche or sites:

  • Blogs
  • News site
  • Online Communities
  • Content Networks
  • Mobile Apps
  • Commercial platforms

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for multi niche sites as well.

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The vigLink will let you monetize by converting your keywords into an affiliate link. It will convert the old or new contents keywords or links into the productive links. In fact, you can post links to Twitter, Facebook, and even in emails as well. Don’t you think it is better Google Adsense Alternatives?

Just build the URL with VigLink or if you want to shorten it as well. If someone will buy the stuff, after clicking the link, then you will be eligible for the rewards.

Sign up as a publisher to monetize your blog.

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We have just covered Google Adsense alternatives. We have tried our best to give you the best solution. Just go for the relevant one as per the traffic or approval procedure.