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Ftp Access

Welcome to the web hosting tutorial, we already covered HotLink protection, and today we will talk about ftp access. Ftp access is nothing but a way to access FTP, now here the question is, do you know:

  • What is FTP?
  • Types of ftp access
  • Benefits of using ftp access?

If you know the answer, then can look for other topics in web hosting tutorials, and if not, then we are here to assist you in understanding the above said questions.

FTP – Definition

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and it is a network protocol which will work same like HTTP for transferring a file or web page from one host to another host over a TCP-based network.

In simple term, FTP can be used to download or upload a file to a server. For example: If you wish to upload an image or document to a server, then you can use FTP  to do that.

Note: Don’t worry, you can do the same thing using file manager in cpanel as well.

FTP Access – types

In very simple terms, ftp access can be of two types:

  • Anonymous FTP – This type of ftp access is without password, it means you just upload a file to a public directory and the users can access it without fear.
  • Protected FTP – This type of ftp access is password protected and users can’t access it, if they don’t know the password.

Note: Many web host provide an alternative to a ftp access, and you can upload or download files through file manager in cpanel. Probably it will consume bandwidth as well.

Benefits of FTP

  • Fast – The first and most important benefit of file transfer protocol is, you can upload or download files, even large documents with ease and fast.
  • Secure – It is the secure way to access your files on server, mostly web host provides password protected ftp access.
  • Back and forth – File transfer protocol will allow you to transfer files back and forth.

Best web host that offers FTP access

Again, since we are using hostgator and we know the quality of hostgator, then for sure our vote will go for Hostgator.


We have just covered the important topic of web hosting, and it is FTP( File transfer Protocol), it is best and secure way to transfer files.