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Facebook Traffic

Welcome to the traffic building tutorial, we have seen how to improve twitter traffic. Today we will talk about the Facebook traffic and how to motivate readers to reach your website. Because if you want to be called a successful blog or a blogger, then only thing matters is how you will get organic traffic. In case you have started blogging as a hobby, then forget about SEO, organic traffic, Google’s page ranking and Alexa ranking.

Let’s focus on Facebook traffic, because it is one of the best social networking sites. Learn how to crack traffic from social sites, including Facebook traffic. If you will successfully achieve it, then it is a big boom for your website. First, we will highlight the points that we will discuss in detail.

  • Profile
  • Image
  • Friends
  • Group
  • Content
  • Links
  • Advertise
  • Facebook Page
  • Promote links
  • Active Role
  • Contest
  • Build Relationships

These are topics that are important to consider. In case we missed any, just remind us via comment section.

Facebook traffic using Profile

Profile plays very important role in understanding the person or business. Let’s say your resume tells about your every relevant information. Same thing applies here as well. Let’s say for example, you have a new blog with the name “” and you are creating a Facebook account with your nickname “ yash”.

It will not at all help you, because even your friends will not know that you have created accounts for official use not.

Correct way

If you will create a Facebook account with the name “ask2talk”, then even your friend will want to know what exactly it is? If you seriously want Facebook traffic, then present yourself as an expert in your niche or a blog you have created. Not only this, make sure while creating profile, you will focus on:

  • Photos – Put some relevant pictures.
  • Videos – Create video to let others know about your blog.
  • Interests – Mention interest relevant to your niche.

Facebook traffic using Image

You must agree that image will speak faster than a 100 word paragraph. You have to apply same thing, make your image to shout for you. Just remember a few things:

  • Attractive/Relevant Image – Make some funny, but relevant images. You can use your creativity to attract visitors via appealing image by you.
  • Clean text – If your image is full size, just try to put short sentence. In fact, you can shorten links as well.
  • Analyze – After posting an attractive image, you need to monitor its feedback as well. Because you need to know, what kind of images liked by many or what kinds of images are not entertained by the users. It will help you to re-create successful images for different posts.

Facebook traffic via friends

Yes, a friend can help you to get traffic as well. For that you need to have more friends. Just use find friends option on Facebook to make good and long lasting friends. You can search friends either by using:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Company
  • School
  • College

These friends will give you likes or ask other friends to check your post or a blog. But make sure don’t spam, because Facebook will remove you from their database. Spam means, Just make friends but not in a single day. Give time and have patience, because patience is a key to be called as a successful blog.

Facebook traffic via Group

You remember your school days, where you were part of some xyz group. In fact, many of you must have changed the group as per the comfort level. Here on Facebook, you can create a group or can join any number of groups as well. If you have joined groups that are relevant to your blog, then you are done. If you can’t find any, then create your own group. Ask your new or old friends to join or just send an invitation.

Facebook traffic using content

Content plays an important role, if your content is interesting and shareable one. Never hesitate to share it on social sites, because interesting content will go viral much easily. Let’s say for example, if your niche is about Old people, then you will get hit with those people only. That too possible, if they are active on Facebook.

Correct Way – Example

If your blog is about family and relations, then you can create attractive content on topics like, “cheating wife” or “should I leave my husband?” Kind of stuff. Because, any age person will enjoy reading it.

Note: Just create a content to raise the pulse of your readers, it will help with mouth publicity as well.

Facebook traffic via Links

You can link your Facebook profile with many other social sites. You can easily achieve this by using tools that are easily available to build connections. For example, you can link Rss feed, twitter feed, and slideshare content to your Facebook profile or page. Like this, you can link updates that are easily available or seen by the friends.

In fact, you can use Facebook to place links as well. You can create links by:

  • Using about page to put some links of interesting parts of your website.
  • Using image description, once someone will hover or click the photo, then he/she will see your website link.

Facebook traffic using Advertise

If you can invest some money, then Facebook ads are very good way to get traffic to your website. Facebook ads are not that much expensive, you can afford to boost your blog or a post you have created. You will get targeted audience or it will help you to create awareness for your blog.

Facebook traffic using Facebook Page

Your blog is your brand, and you should know how to do branding for your blog. Just create a Facebook page, if you own blog or have a right to create on the behalf of the organization. The Facebook page is a good option to create or share it with the Facebook users. Find the relevant Facebook pages, and become fans of it. Never forget to update your Facebook page.

Facebook traffic  via Promoting Link

You can promote Facebook links in emails, local free ads posting or in your networks. Indirectly you are promoting your blog as well. Because, if someone will reach your Facebook page, then for sure it will turn to your blog.

Facebook traffic via Active Role

Remember, you studied till your satisfaction. I mean, you have not stopped your studies after schooling. Because, you know, it’s not the end or it will not help you to succeed.  Same thing applies with Facebook account or page as well. Just remain active, update your status, interact with old friends and try to make new friends as well. Because, as many friends you will have, that many chances you will get to increase traffic from the Facebook.

Facebook Traffic using Contest

You can create contests, and announce prize for the winners. This way you will create awareness and attract more traffic to your blog. Just simply promote contest run by you on the Facebook page. It will give you more traffic by losing some bucks.

In short, you can say “Nothing is free”, run a contest and reward the winners to get long lasting benefits.

Facebook traffic via Building Relationships

If you are active, and your posts are interesting, then for sure you will get more audience for your blog. Just try to build relations, reply to every like or comment by the user. It will make them feel special, and they will not forget to like or comments. Facebook is a great source to build relation with your audience.

In fact, you can comment or like others post or pages as well. Don’t be mean by avoiding viral contents, let them value you as well. Because both way relations always stand strong.


We have just covered Facebook traffic, and the way to achieve your targets. Because in your early days, you will not get that much organic traffic. It means, you have to look for another source of getting traffic to show your existence to the world.