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Edu backlinks List

Welcome to the link building strategies, we have discussed many ways to get backlinks. Today we will talk about the list of educational website that will help you to get ‘edu backlinks’. If you have a blog with contents, then to make it successful blog, you need to work on SEO. Because search engines trust a website, who have a high quality relevant links. Let’s see what we will cover in our edu backlinks:


  • What are .edu backlinks.
  • Why to have edu backlink.
  • How to get edu backlink.
  • List of high Page Rank educational sites.
  • Cons of edu backlink.

What are edu backlinks?

If you are a blogger or want to create a blog, then you need to know what is high PR backlinks or low PR backlinks. Edu backlinks are nothing but a link from educational websites. Since it’s extension is ‘.edu’, that is why it is called edu backlinks.

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Why to have edu backlinks?

The search engines are looking for trusted websites. If your blog will get links from high authority websites, then you can expect trust from a spider as well as visitors. The edu link will boost your traffic and ranking in an organic way.

Note: If your links are relevant and legitimate, then it will affect your website in a positive way.  In case your edu links are non-relevant or can say nothing to do with your niche, then commenting there will harm you for sure.

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How to get edu backlinks?

  • Enroll for the course – Well, some educational sites allow students to write blogs. If you can afford it, then you can enroll in any short course at low cost. (Tip – If you have any friends or relative who is a student or done course from there, then they will save you money.)
  • Comment on the blog – The best and free way is to find the relevant blog by the institution. Just comment an impressive one, to avoid rejection.
  • Partner institutes – If your blog will offer value to the educational institute student, then you can ask for the link.
  • Guest Post – Some educational websites will allow you to write articles. In return, you can place a link in bio portion.

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Edu Backlinks – High PR list

Now, we will see the list of websites, where you can try your luck to get backlinks.

Note: We will update the list as per the availability. You can bookmark or remember the link to follow.

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Cons of edu backlinks

The only side effect of edu backlinks or any other link is “ Never get a backlink from a site which in not relevant to your niche”.


We have just covered edu backlinks, its importance, and the heavy list to get backlink. We have listed the general list, but you need to find out the relevancy. We believe in the quality, and that is why provided a high page rank website.