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Dreamhost Coupon

Welcome to the web hosting tutorials, and today we will learn how sharplesson’s Dreamhost coupon code will help you to avail the benefits. The selection of the best web host is very much important for the blogging life. If you will go for the cheap web hosting, then probably you will make a big mistake of the blogging career.  Because cheap hosting will provide you:

  • Cheap services.
  • Limited bandwidth.
  • Limited web space.
  • Account suspension problem.

There are many other reasons that will let you hate cheap web hosting, and to save our reader’s problem, we have decided to write about the Dreamhost. The Dreamhost web hosting is one of the best web hosting service providers in the online world. If you are planning to:

  • Create a blog in the long run.
  • Want to work as an online entrepreneur.
  •  Full time blogger

Then probably the Dreamhost is the best option, and if you will get the Dreamhost coupon Code for the same, then what else you want.

Dreamhost coupon – But why?

Before checking the Dreamhost coupon, we need to see why to choose Dreamhost over other top rated web hosts?

97 days Money Back guarantee

You will get your return even after 3 months, Yes, right if you are not satisfied, then can ask for your money back even after so long.

Note: It shows a confidence of the Dreamhost, and this confidence comes from their quality of the services. No web host will give you such a long time money back guarantee.

Install WordPress in 1 Click

With just one click, you will see your WordPress blog live. Yes, it is that much easy, Just click and WordPress will be installed on your hosting account.

Uptime Guarantee

The Dreamhost guarantees 100% uptime of the server and the network, and hence your website will not go down ever. Don’t you think your website should be seen by your readers throughout 365 days? Because many other web hosts have server downtime or maintenance problem that will affect website hosted on those servers. You will not see such a problem with the Dreamhost.

Note: No other web host will give you 100% uptime guarantee, not even Hostgator or the Bluehost.

Unlimited Web space

The web space is a place that will hold your web documents, and unlike other web hosts you will get unmetered web space.

Unlimited Bandwidth

What if your blog will get uncounted traffic, and because of this, your account will be suspended for the month. And your blog will suffer big loss of the traffic and hence money if you have created a blog for the monetize purpose.

Note: Here, Dreamhost will give you the assurance of the unlimited bandwidth, and hence your visitor will not ever think to ditch your website.

Dreamhost Coupon Code – Choose any

Since Dreamhost is among the top rated web hosting providers, and hence we are promoting Dreamhost to our readers. Let’s see what all are the Dreamhost promo code’s we have for you:

  • SHARPLESSON97 – get $97 discount
  • SHARPLESSON50 – get $50 discount.
  • SHARPLESSON45 – get $45 discount.

SHARPLESSON97 – get $97 discount.

You can use this Dreamhost coupon code to save the Flat $97 in your order. Let’s discuss in detail:

Time      Dreamhost Price SHARPLESSON97 Final payment

12 month  $119.4 / yr         $97       $22.4 / yr

24 month  $214.8 / 2 yr       $97       $117.8 / 2yr

The benefit of using this Dreamhost promo code:

  • The final payment will be the one that will please you, and it is just $22.4 for the 12 months (whole year). It means per month it is just $1.86, and it is far lesser than $9.95/month.
  • For the 2 year, you will pay the final amount $117.8, and it means you will pay $4.9/month, instead of the $8.95.


1) Here you will save money, and get the quality as well.

2) We will recommend our reader’s to go for 1 year, if you will like the services by the Dreamhost, and then only continue it at normal price.

3) If after a month or two, if you are not satisfied with the services provided by the Dreamhost, then take your money back. To remind you, the Dreamhost will allow taking money back with guarantee within 97 days.

SHARPLESSON50 – get $50 discount.

Now we will see our universal Dreamhost coupon code that can be used from any part of the world. Let’s see, in detail:

Time     Dreamhost Price  SHARPLESSON50  Final Amount

12 month   $119.4 / yr        $50         $69.4/ yr

24 month   $214.8 / 2 yr      $50         $164.8/2 yr

The benefit of using SHARPLESSON50 Dreamhost promo code:

  • The 12 month plan will let you save the 50 dollars for that year. It means you will pay $5.7/month instead of the $9.95/month.
  • If you will go for the 24 month plan, then instead of paying the @214.8 for two years, you will have to pay the $164.8 for two years.


1) You can use this Dreamhost coupon code  for 1 year first, and decide later that you are satisfied with the services provided by the Dreamhost.

2) In case, you want your money back, because you are not happy with the services, then better take your money back.  You will get 97 days to know the Dreamhost and its services.

Note: It can be used from any part of the world, or you can say it is a universal Dreamhost coupon code. Because in some countries, the Dreamhost is not supporting $97 discount.

SHARPLESSON45 – get $45 discount.

Now let’s see the third Dreamhost promo code that you can use it to create a blog in just 3 minutes.

Time      Dreamhost Price     SHARPLESSON45

12 month  $119.4 / yr    ( 1 free domain + 1 free IP)

24 month  $214.8 / 2 yr  ( 1 free domain + 1 free IP)

Benefits of using this Dreamhost coupon:

  • You can use this Dreamhost coupon to get 1 extra free lifetime domain registration.
  • The second benefit of this Dreamhost coupon is you will get 1 free lifetime unique IP address.


1) This Dreamhost Coupon will give you the lifetime benefits as compared to the other Dreamhost coupon.

2) It is for good for the long term plan.


We have just covered the top rated Dreamhost and its Dreamhost coupon code. Now it is up to you, whether you will go for the $97, $50 or the $45 Dreamhost coupon code. Just remember that the first two (SHARPLESSON97 and SHARPLESSON50) will give you the short term benefits, but the SHARPLESSON45 Dreamhost coupon will give you the lifetime benefits.