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Dream Host

Welcome to the web hosting tutorial, we will cover Bluehost,  Hostgator, and Dreamhost. Today we will cover dream host, many people searched for dream host instead of Dreamhost. For you guys, we are talking about the same great rated web hosting company called “ Dreamhost”.

Before starting our discussion on dream host, do you know, what is web hosting and the features you should focus on? If your answer is yes, then continue or if your answer is no, then at least give a glimpse to your web hosting requirement.

Why Dream host?

I am  very much impressed by the Dream host and its services, many of my friends are more than happy with the dream host services. I decided to write on dream host, because:

  • If your dear one or near one are using it, and if they are happy with Dreamhost, then what else I will look for?
  • Even in user reviews I found dream host a better choice.
  • Dream host has got a Google page rank of 7, its clearly show “ they are operating from over the years with reputation”.

These things are quite good enough to get impressed, and that is why we want our users should get quality information about Dream host and its features.

What is your requirement

Let’s talk about your concern first, you must be new and want a good or best web host for you? But there are few things to consider before purchasing your plan or domain.

Look at the above picture, and tell me Do you want more than that? Certainly not, Because unlimited web space means unlimited storage space for your document, you need not to worry about traffic as it is unlimited and last but not the least you will get 99.9% uptime. It means your website will never go down.

Note: We will only discuss shared hosting, because dedicated hosting or vps hosting is not recommended by us.Why?

  • Because you are a new.
  • Because these features are for well established high traffic websites.
  • Because it is costlier than shared hosting.
  • Because shared hosting is cheap and good enough for you.

Dream host – Offers

According to dreamhost, they provide powerful, feature-rich and near-limitless capacity for new users. Let’s see what Dreamhost has for you:

  • Unlimited Disk Storage – It means no limits for uploading things related to your website.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth �� Any number of traffic will be ok.
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting – Pay for your main account and host and manage any amount of websites without paying for it. [ Grab it with both hands]
  • Unlimited Email accounts – No limits of creating your official email accounts.
  • 100% uptime guarantee – According to Dreamhost, your website will never down.
  • Unlimited 24 by 7 supports – This I good for any users, what else we want.
  • 97 days Money Back Guarantee – They are so much confident that, they are proudly given more than three month money back guarantee.
  • 1-click WordPress  Installer – If you want to start your blogging career then 1 click will install WordPress in your hosting account.

Now tell me, did you see such quality any other leading web hosting providers? No, I have not seen is my answer.

Dream host – How helpful it is?

Dreamhost shared hosting is having more than enough power, and it will make your hands much stronger.Let’s see what are those:

  • Host your own websites – you have just one site or you have 100 website. One dream host account is enough for you.
  • Run a WordPress blog – Enjoy your WordPress blog in just one click.
  • Great for start-ups – Best place for newbies.
  • Host client websites – With your shared hosting account, you can manage all of your clients if you have.
  • Build an Ecommerce site – You can build your own ecommerce site, because dream host provide all the required tools.


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Note: Now it’s up to you, whether you want to go for cash discount or a benefit, which will help you in the long term.

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We have just covered dream host and you must have got the idea “ Why dream host is  a great and well rated is dream host” . Use the discount to get benefits.