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Doorway Pages

Welcome to the SEO tutorials, and we are covering the Blackhat SEO in detail. Today we will talk about the doorway pages. As we know the black hat SEO is not at all friends of the webmasters. If you have a new website or want to create a blog, then make sure you will avoid the Black hat SEO. The doorway pages are one of the black hat SEO methods used by many bloggers. Some are going well, because the spiders have not caught them, and others have been penalized for involving in the Black hat SEO methods like keyword stuffing, paid links and doorway pages etc.

For our readers, we will clear the doubts regarding the doorway pages and why to or why not to go for it? One more thing, if you believe us then don’t go for any black hat activities and off-course the doorway pages are not an exception.

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Doorway pages – Definition

The doorway pages will not look different, they are simple HTML pages, and their aim is to rank high for the specific keywords or the phrases. The only purpose of these doorway pages is to trick the search engines. If they will succeed to fool the search engines, then they will get high ranks or in case, they will fail, then also they will be rewarded, but in a negative way.

The worst part of the doorway pages is that they will frustrate users. Let’s say for example:

I have searched for the “what is paid links?”, And I have got many search results. But, surprise to me is, I have clicked to 10 different results, but they are directing me to the one website called ‘sharplesson’. I do not at all like it, because I want a precise solution for my problem, and I can only refer one website.

Doorway pages – Why to avoid?

There are many reasons to avoid doorway pages:

  • Be in a good list – It is very important to be in a good list of the spiders. In case, you will trigger the red flag to your site, then nightmares for you will not end soon.
  • Organic traffic – Any black hat activity will let you penalized by the major search engines, and off course the Google. Once you will be penalized, you will see the downfall in your organic traffic and hence it will affect your blog traffic.
  • Monetization- If you will practice black hat SEO, then you will lose traffic, and hence it will affect the money you were making from your website.

Doorway pages – Who should enjoy it?

Now let’s see the funny part of this tutorial, and see who should enjoy doing black hats.

  • Short Planner – If you have started your blog to become rich from blogging in a short time, then you can probably take a risk. Either you will make money or penalized by the Google.
  • Hobby blogging – If blogging is your hobby, and you don’t care about traffic and page ranking, then probably you also can try doorway pages or other black hat activities.
  • Intelligent – If you think you are intelligent enough to trick Google, then try your luck. But I can assure you that the giant (Google) will always win.

Doorway Pages – Disadvantages

Let’s see the disadvantages of the Doorway pages:

  • Penalty – You will be penalized by the search engines, if found guilty.
  • Useless information – This kind of pages are just a garbage of the keywords, and hence it will not provide any useful information to the users.
  • Removal – These pages are eligible for the removal from the indexing of the search engines.
  • Waste of time – It will waste your time, because whatever time you will spend on creating such pages, one day you will be banned by the search spiders.

Doorway pages – Synonyms

Let’s see with what other names these pages are famous:

Bridge Pages
Entrance Pages
Gateway Pages
Jump Pages
Splash Pages

Doorway pages – Examples

According to the Google support, the doorway pages can:

  • Having multiple domain names or pages targeted at specific regions or cities that funnel users to one page
  • Pages generated to funnel visitors into the actual usable or relevant portion of your site(s)
  • Substantially similar pages that are closer to search results than a clearly defined, browseable hierarchy

Doorway pages – Inside

Let’s see the inside of the doorway page.

  • The pages seen by the spiders and the visitors will be totally different. Because it’s the quality of the doorway pages that both will not reach to the same page at all.
  • The doorway will be created in different search engines, based on their languages. You can say that these pages are created for the individual search engines.
  • Most probably the doorway page will be created and directed from the marketing firms or can say search engine marketing (SEM). They are quite clever, they will start another site, if the existing domain will be detected by the software of the search engines.
  • The doorway pages are mostly full of untidy stuff, and that is why good for nothing. But, yes some firms give time to design a tidy page to avoid spoting by the spiders.

Note: If you have given promotional parts to the third party, then just do research for that marketing firm. Because the precaution is better than suffering, and for sure you don’t want to be penalized by the search spiders.


We have just covered the Doorway pages, what to do or not to do with the doorway page. We at sharplesson, not at all recommend the use of the black hat SEO. If you are a new blogger, then make sure you will stick with the basics and move gradually.