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Domain Types

Welcome to the web hosting tutorial, we already discussed domain name, and today we will discuss the domain types or types of domains. As we knew the importance of domain, now we will see the  importance of domain types.

Domain types

We will talk about top level domains, let’s see how we can distinguish tld’s:

Country code Domains

Country code domain types are used to indicate a country, Let’s say you have a domain like, here you can see its two letter extension which is a short for India. If you live in U.S, then can opt for .us extension and same it will apply to your country as well.

Each country has its two letter extension, for example: .be(Belgium), .br(brazil), .co(Colombia), eu(European Union) etc.

General Popular Domains

There are few extensions which are more popular and anyone from any country can opt for. Like .com, .net, .biz, .org and .info. It doesn’t matter which country you belongs, you can go for it.

Note: two more popular domains are .edu and .gov, they are used by the educational institution and governments.


If your domain gets popular in short time, then you can work on different niche as per your requirement. And that you can do using subdomains, for example: your domain is and you want to work on another niche, like maths, then you can create sub-domain It will not cost you anything, if your web host provides you sub-domain features.

Most of the leading web hosting companies like Hostgator, Bluehost or Dreamhost will give you this feature at free of cost. No need to look back, just pay for one registered domain and avail many other features.

Note: This way you can use your popular domain to help your new niche sub-domain to run fast.

Which domain type?

Well, anyone in the internet world love to have top level domains or popular domain type and we are not the exception, so try to get .com domain.

If you are not able to get your preferred .com, then go for country level. It is good to have country level domains. In case you want .org, or .net domain extension can go for it as well.

Resource – Best web hosts

Now let’s see web hosting providers who give the best tool to find out domain types. These top 3 are all time favorite of many bloggers and website owners.

Note: Domain registration is not a big deal, the only thing matters is a Quality and above three has their own reputation. We cheer Hostgator, because we are using it.


We have just covered domain types, and which one is good to have. Now it’s up to you, if you want country code domains, then can opt for it or else you can go for top level domains like .com and etc.