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Domain Name Definition

Welcome to the web hosting tutorials, and the very first topic that we will cover is Domain name definition. If you are new to web hosting, then the Domain name definition is must for you. Let’s understand what exactly is a domain or domain name, and why you should learn it?

Domain name definition – Let’s see

Don’t look for the technical definition, just understand to let others know, and in very simple term

A Domain is a place where you will find information regarding a company or individual .

For example, if you will see SharpLesson, then within two minutes you will find  what sharplesson offers.

Importance of domain name

We just saw the Domain name definition, and we will see the importance of the domain name. Let’s see how important is a domain name.

  • Credibility builder – It will give your business an extra edge as a professional, for example: Many times we have convinced our self that the xyz company or ecommerce site is good, why because you have seen its website(domain) or they have a website to trust on.
  • Unique identity – Domain name or website will give your business or a blog a unique identity. For example: you must have seen many names in common, but you will differentiate the name with their surname. The same thing is with the domain name, they will have unique domain with its types( like com, org, net etc)
  • Branding Your Business – Let’s suppose your business has become a brand and your domain name contains your business name, then imagine your business will get world wide promotion.
  • Personal email address – Let’s say you have a domain name, then you can create your personal email address like yourname[at] Imagine how effectively it will differentiate you with your competitors.

Don’t do things

Domain name definition is not complete with its definition, you should no what to do or not to do with or for domain name. Let’s see:

  • No special characters or complicated domain name –  What do you think, which is easy to remember “ or sharp$”. Always try to have eye-catchy,short and easy to understand domain name.
  • Do not choose any extensions –  try to get .com extension, if not possible then get  extension related to your country.
  • Do research before buying a domain name – Let suppose you bought a domain called sharplesson and that sharplesson is already a trademark of xyz company. Tell me what will happen? Yes, you have to change your domain name or have to shut it. So do some research as well.
  • Main keyword – If possible, then try to use your main keyword in the domain name.

Resource to find Domain name

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We have just covered the Domain name definition and its value for new blogger or webmasters. Domain name is good for any business or store.