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Dofollow links or Nofollow links

Are you planning to start a blog or a website? Because a new blogger always ends up in confusion, and they do a search on the internet for the proper solution. Unfortunately, they always get partial knowledge. Let me clear one thing, just understanding the concept is not good for bloggers, but they should know how to effectively use it and help other’s to understand it is very important.

At sharplesson, we will see a complete tutorial on Dofollow and its ifs  and buts.

  • What is Dofollow links?
  • Why it is important for website owners?
  • When to use Dofollow?
  • Types of Dofollow links
  • Best examples – Dofollow

After completing dofollow, we will cover Nofollow as well, why?  Because, partial knowledge is not enough for a blogger or webmasters. We will learn with quality examples :

  • What is Nofollow links?
  • Why it is important for a new blogger?
  • When to use Nofollow?
  • Types of Nofollow links
  • Best examples – Nofollow


What is Dofollow links?

Let’s take example first, then we will see the technical definition, why?  Because the practical thing always matters. Let us take a practical example, a boy drinks a glass of fresh fruit juice daily and a boy drinks a normal water daily. You tell me which one will get better health after a month or so?.

My vote is for a boy who will drink a juice, because he will get extra nutrition other than daily food or water. The Same thing will apply for a blog or website. If you have a quality website but not done an SEO for it, then a fully optimized website will beat you in terms of ranking or traffic. Dofollow links are very important to get, if you will get then you will see the magic of it. Remember, I am talking about free and organic links and it is not about paid links. Why? Because a natural way of making body is better than  body build up using short cuts. Let’s the definition of Dofollow links:

“  Dofollow links are a link which makes it sure that all major search engines , including google will follow it to reach the destination website. “

It is a kind of juice for a destination website, and we already see how juice helps a human. If you will have a good amount of dofollow links then it will help you to boost your Page rank and hence the traffic.

Importance of Dofollow links

  • PageRank – It will help you to rank easily.
  • Trust – If high pagerank websites showing trust on you, then search engines and users will also show trust and interest on your site.

Types of Dofollow links

  • Dofollow inbound links – It is a juice which you will get from other websites
  • Dofollow outbound links – It is a juice which you will give to other websites.

When to use Dofollow links

  • If you are looking to get a dofollow backlink, then look for a quality backlink because bad friends or paid link will hurt you.
  • In case if you are giving dofollow links then also consider the quality of destination websites.
  • Try to use dofollow links in internal links, else google will get an impression that links are not relevant.
  • Dofollow links have to be a relevant one, either inbound or outbound.

Example of Dofollow links:

If you want to allow dofollow link to a particular site, then you need not to do anything. See the example for it.

<a href=” http://” > dofollow link  </a>

What is Nofollow links

The nofollow links had been introduced to stop the comment spam on blogs. It helped the major search engines to understand whom to give credits. It has controlled the comment spamming as well. If search engine will find “nofollow” in a link, then they will not count to help it rank in a search results as it is not a trusted source.

Many times we saw people giving bad advice to a new blogger or in their blog post they used to give wrong suggestions.. Never believe in bad SEO advice by so called “expert” bloggers.

Importance of Nofollow links

  • New blogger – If you are new blogger then you will hardly find dofollow links, But nofollow will work as well for you. You can use nofollow link to build awareness. For example, if you will comment on blogs ,then try to catch the user’s eye for your blog. But without violating rules, either by blogger or search engines.
  • Save you from the penalty – Let suppose you have allowed a dofollow link to a site which is violating the search engines term and condition, then you will also get penalized for the problem created by another site. Why? Because you asked search engines to follow that site and it will take your link juice too.
  • Can yield money – if someone followed your links from other sources, say you have commented on a blog and a guy visited your site. If will like your product or service for sure he will go for it.

Example of Nofollow link

See in this example it is clearly mentioned (rel = “nofollow”) not to follow this link, now your link juice will not transfer to, Because search engines will not follow it.

<a href=””  rel=”nofollow”> nofollow link </a>

 Types of Nofollow links

  • Nofollow inbound links – Inbound links that say this link is nofollow.
  • Nofollow outbound links – Outbound links that say that I am pointing to you but it is nofollow.

When to use Nofollow links

  • Paid links – If you do not want to get penalized by Google, then always give nofollow links to your buyer.
  • Comments – If your website allows user to comment without approval, then you should make it nofollow.
  • User Generated Content –  If you have an author who can post without approval, then nofollow links are better options for you.
  • Embeds –  If you are embedding third party content then make sure it is nofollow link.


We hope, you must have cleared your doubt about Dofollow or Nofollow links?. Now if you are a new to blogging, then do consider the importance of links. Now it is up to you, whether you will go for a dofollow links or a nofollow link.

Note: If you will get Dofollow Backlinks then it will help you for sure, but in a legal term.

If you will not get dofollow links, then do not give up, because nofollow links has its own identity and we discussed it above. If you want technical definition of Nofollow or Dofollow links then visit the link.