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DMCA Takedown

Welcome to the another exciting topic at sharplesson, and today we will discuss DMCA takedown. I hope, you must have gone through DMCA protection, which we already discussed in our last topic. Today we will try to understand the DMCA takedown with all round of questions we can cover.

Let’s see what we will cover in our article, it will help you to jump to a particular topic. Only if you are in a hurry:

  • What is DMCA takedown?
  • How to remove your content from another website
  • How to file a DMCA takedown?

There are other things as well to consider, that we will cover using highlights.

What is DMCA Takedown

DMCA is a short  for  Digital Millennium Copyright Act , and to understand DMCA and takedown, let’s see the example first:


Go into flash back and try to remember, what you did, when you came to know that your missing toy has been stolen by your sibling. Must have:

  • Complaint to your parents
  • Taught him/her a lesson with your own.

Now let’s take another example, where you are grown up and have your own creativity and you shared it on your blog or website. What you will do, if:

Somebody is using or used your content on his website or blog without your permission.

The answer is DMCA takedown, It is a way of removing content from another website.

If you are sure it’s yours, then request a DMCA takedown.

How to remove?

If you want to remove your content from another website or websites, then simply file a takedown. You can file DMCA takedown, if you find any of these(stolen content):

  •  Pictures
  • Videos
  • Graphics
  • Text
  • Games
  • Advertising
  • Applications
  • Programs
  • Profile or bio

If any of above thing matches with your content, then DMCA is there to help you.

How to file a DMCA takedown

You will be having two options to perform a takedown.

  • Professional Takedown – DMCA will do it for you, just fill out a simple takedown form, it will hardly take 3 minutes
  • Do it yourself – You will be provided with the tools, and you have to do everything.

Why not to avoid DMCA Protection?

Let’s understand it with examples, because practical thing will let you understand in a better way.

Practical Example

Let’s suppose you have seen one or two websites that has copied your content, but you don’t want to complain or you don’t think to be bothered by them. Don’t you think, you are asking for trouble,why?

Because Google has introduced a google panda, which is very strict for duplicate contents. Let’s suppose, If they find websites having the same content like you, then tell me “ Are you ready for a penalty, for which you are not responsible at all?”

Don’t you think you should let your blog or a website to be alive in a healthy environment? The Answer depends on you.

Start protecting your content, whether copyright or its your own(original), and don’t let others steal your creativity.

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We have just covered DMCA  and how to go for takedown, and why it is important for bloggers or webmasters. Protect your website or blog from attackers.