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Directory Submission

Welcome to the link building strategies, today we will talk about directory submission. We will see what are those high pr directories, that you can use to generate backlink for your website or blog. Directory submission  will not only help in getting links, but also it will help you to get traffic for your content.

What is Directory Submission

Directory submission is a part of off-page SEO, you can make your website popular with quality directory submission. Never pay for directory submission, because it will not at all help you. For example, you will go for paid directory submission, and they will submit your website to the low level directoriesbanned or penalized web directories, then the nightmare will begins for you.

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Now a day’s either people are avoiding directory submission or doing with caution, because it will make or break your website reputation.

Note: Directory submission will only help you, if you are not compromising with the guidelines mentioned by major search engines.

We at sharplesson, tried our best to provide you the list of high pr directories to submit your website. Still do research of your own before submitting. At the time of writing this article the google’s page rank was correct for these directories.

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Directory submission list

Below is the list of directories to submit your website, we have considered only high pr websites only. Let’s see, which all are those directories which will help you to get links, and traffic as well.

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Rank                               Website

7                                        networkedblogs

7                                        abc-directory

7                                        dmoz 

7                                        highrankdirectory

7                                        sitepromotiondirectory

7                                        traveltourismdirectory

7                                        addme

6                                       medexplorer

6                                       bpubs

6                                       blogtoplist

6                                       dizila

6                                       submissionwebdirectory

6                                       scrubtheweb

6                                       britainbusinessdirectory

6                                       ukinternetdirectory

6                                       gmawebdirectory

6                                       promotebusinessdirectory

6                                       blog-directory

6                                       usalistingdirectory

6                                       marketinginternetdirectory

6                                       siteswebdirectory

6                                       exactseek

5                                      321webmaster

5                                      a1webdirectory

5                                      blogs-collection

5                                      ellysdirectory

5                                      splut

5                                      techvalleysciencecenter

5                                      obln

5                                     webworldindex

These above directories are good to have in practice, but it is advisable by the sharplesson team – Do check domain authority and whether these websites are banned or penalized by Google or not.

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We have just covered, directories submission list. Remember one thing if you will use directory cautiously, then for sure it will benefit you in the long run. In case you are going for low quality directories, then avoid doing that.